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Monday, February 1, 2010

Just one more thing...

Sorry ya'all! I don't have time to blog or email! I miss all you'alls! We are working REALLY hard to get the house done for a showing by next weekend. We've had a couple dozen phone calls and we KNOW that God has provided a buyer and we just haveta finish! Down to polishing doorknobs and the like and then I'll take the pictures.

The children are on their way to mastering multiplication and division and their penmanship is improving every day! Our school schedule is lighter, keeping to the essentials since we'll be doing summer school. I am excited to be moved and started on all the schooling-it's gonna be so much fun!! :)
We had the snow when everyone else did and now it's finally melting. The heat wave (25 degrees) is making for more pleasant days with actual sunshine!

For me: I've not been doing any handwork, not even day dreaming-I don't mind. Starting to see that we won't be here much longer and we'll be seeing family!
I just started an exercise program: marching. I started marching (lifting knees to at least horizontal) for 5 mins. and now I'm marching for 20 mins. with my 5 lb weights. It's really tough without a distraction. I workout while the babies are falling asleep during naptime. I think it would be a great time to listen to an audio book. I dropped 7 lbs over the weekend and look forward to doing better this week! I also started to take a tablespoon of coconut oil a couple times per day. We already eat very healthy & I was getting discouraged. I can't "diet" or eat less since I'm feeding the baby, so I kept a food log for a day when I ate the regular and I'm close to not eating enough. I also started having cottage cheese and either crackers or carrots after I workout. I was thinking back to when I lost 40lbs in 2 months after #2 was born. This is what I did. I'm already seeing a difference, the 7 lbs and 1.5" helps me keep motivated!
Everyone is healthy and doing well learning and playing kindly! We are all excited to finish here and go see the grammas and grampas!! Probably won't post until after we least by then I'll have pics to show and maybe even of our next place!

So, "Hi", "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary", "Congratulations" and have a peaceful and productive next few months!!