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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This is a tiny "corner" of my bedroom. The only place to work!
Just a short post to give a bit of news. My dh has gone above and beyond and fixed my sewing machine cord. (I looked on ebay and they go for 25-50 dollars) The machine was a wedding gift from my parents. I haven't been able to use it for almost a whole year-which if you know me, you know that is extremely long!!

Isn't it beautiful. After watching him fix it, I could do it-it's so very easy!! It only took a few minutes and my machine seems to run smoother! Maybe like when we were little and we ran faster when we had new shoes! Now I have the wherewithal to make dresses based on this find I got at a garage sale for $2-new! It fits #5, so I will make the dresses for the older two girls. I also will be able to take in my plum dress!!

Well, I'm off to make my bread that is falling out of the pan!! .....ahhhh...gotta run!!

And while I'm remembering:


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Eating Holiday Festivities

The countdown has begun. It feels like a Sunday, but there's too much work to do! Enjoyed coffee with breakfast and a Lindt chocolates after lunch! NOW the festivities may begin. I will probably be up after midnight, but it won't be to eat; the other night I put up dry wall...ok, dh helped me hold it up & put in the first screw so it wouldn't fall on me, but then I placed all the others and started on another wall. We have to grout the bathroom tile still, so if the children go to bed well, I will offer to do that for hubby...I'm better at that then the screws-takes a whole lot more "umph" to drive a screw straight and in line with the others after the first few. The drill gets heavy, the screws become stubborn, etc. I'm not complaining, just pointing out that it's not as easy as hubby makes it look! I thought I'd quick take some pictures while I was waiting for the internet to connect again! (Yeah, the cable here is not very good, especially when the whole town is on the computer-makes it more difficult and longer than dial-up, but then it costs almost twice as much for the landline we use the Magic Jack (just $20 per year-long distance included...great deal if your cable works!) and when the internet works and we have time, then we make calls. Keeps us doing what we need to do everyday, rather than talking too much. But that could be done here as well.

This is the other side of the wall I did. The other side had the closet door resting on it. I guess the pictures will look better when we've finished walling in the rooms and clearing them to carpet et al!

Well, as you can see, hubby is busy grouting the tile as I sit here and type (and do laundry and feed the children and all that good stuff). I guess we'll be able to start on another project after bedtime.
It snowed again and we have a whole new batch of 4-6" outside on top of the already 3-4". After being inside for too long, it was time to bundle everyone and romp outside until fingers and toes began to numb. Hubby began to shovel the snow and the man who was snowblowing the school sidewalk drove over & plowed our driveway!! What a HUGE blessing. What would have taken a half hour or more took only 5-7 minutes! Thank you Mr. Neighbor!!

I made chili for dinner last night with leftovers for another meal...yummy. Today I decided to make another Broccoli 'n' Rice Soup. There's enough for another 2 meals. I know it's not the traditional Raviolis, but to a hungry man any bitter thing is sweet! (It's not bitter at all, very warming and stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal!)

What else? Making myself a pair of bedsocks. I'm doubling the yarn from the sweater my mom knit me (3 different yarns-twice) it's a bulky weight and it will keep my toes warm. They will only be ankle high. I also made 3 headscarves/headbands (calorimetry)...they are so wonderfully warm & better than a hat for me.

So, same 'o same 'o. It's a whopping 6 degrees (windchill of -11) and it was just barely warmer when we went out. The wind was around 15-20 mph and bit into my wet hair. Maybe I was hoping for freeze-dried hair, hehe! (I was wearing 2 hats and a scarf)

Oh, just saw the labor and birth of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar's 18th baby, born by C-section on the 18th (just the other day). I guess I should vent on my other site. So you's about the birth and not the number of children.

Ok, can't think of much more. Have a great day/week/month. Until next time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the -1st day of Hanukkah...

I know, it'll be Hanukkah starting tomorrow evening, but who says we can't start celebrating now?? And who says you can't continue all through til Spring?? I really dislike it when the holidays are over...then it's just cold and dreary and nuthin' to look forward to anymore!!

Anyway, Progress!! *singing* "Arizona here we come..." Ok, still working on the house, but definitely making progress!! I went through, in one evening, 1 file cabinet and 2 more boxes equivalent to the cabinet & dumped the old and have just a bit more filing to do!! Unseen progress, but progress nonetheless!! Then I consolidated 5 Rubbermaid/Sterlite/Whatever big boxes/buckets and 2 other boxes of misc. junk into 2 of the bucket things!! Then I organized my desk and made more horizontal space!!

Here's a promised construction pic: The second bedroom wall, the closet has since been added here and doors (sliding double) are ready to be installed.oops: I guess this pic isn't the one I thought I took. (see previous post) Will be getting that for you soon.

Biggest and Best of ALL -- I returned to being a Geek!! I (yes, finally for the first time since it's power supply was fixed) hooked up my oldest computer! It just beeped and I air cleaned the dust and reseated the components. Then I read online that it was the ram. Fearing a busted piece, I tried reseating the memory & HEY!! it works!! Then later I tried the CD came on, but didn't do anything. I heard that wonderful still small voice say that it wasn't connected. I thought it must be connected-the power light came on. I knew that it needed to be connected to the motherboard. In I go, my own geeksquadette, get the cable-thing I had found while I was sorting through the boxes and plug it in...VIOLA!!! All in working order!! Now, I have a computer for the children to use and one for each my husband and I!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!

And here it is...our first batch of Kombucha. It's been interesting to say the least! Dear Hubby is taking care of it with precise temperature measurements and calibrations. It came with instructions, but not being satisfied with limited information, we turned to do extensive research online. Found plenty of pictures of healthy s.c.o.b.y.'s and unhealthy. Reading all about the process and chemical reactions that occur. I have really enjoyed learning!

So, are you satisfied with all these goings on? Right, meal planning: here's my list though I don't have days assigned.

Empanadas (meat turnovers)
Meatloaf 12-20
Grilled Cheese 12-21
(with leftover Meatloaf)
Lentils 12-16
Tacos 12-17
(with leftover Lentils)
Quiche 12-17
Pizza 12-18 Leftovers 12-19
(with Taco Meat)
Sweet Potatoes
Broccoli with White Sauce
Mixed Rice with Veggie Saute 12-20
Giant Omelet with Broccoli
(with leftover Taco Meat) 12-17

Ya think we don't eat meat-think again. We just eat alot more bean meals and/or mix beans with the meat, not to stretch it necessarily but to make it more digestible or to use leftovers. Breakfast is either omelets or just scrambled eggs with my bread toast and Gingermonhoney-(tm). We don't have sandwiches (except when I make meatloaf & use it in grilled cheese) and we don't have Mac'n'Cheese or Ravioli-O's or other processed foods. We are making our own yogurt again.

It snowed all day today. We had about 4" when I checked around 3pm and I didn't look again. Dare I brave the wind and weather for a true measurement for you....ok, be back in a jiffy.

Sorry, can't open the back door to the deck-frozen shut, mostly at the bottom.

So, are you done reading my blabbings? I'm getting hungry...need to eat...hmmm....Peanut Butter Balls.

1 jar of Smuckers Peanut Butter
equivalent Honey to PB
1 TBSP Molasses
2 tsp Vanilla
2-4 cups Oats (to your own consistency)

Refrigerate til workable. Form into balls, put in baggie and freeze. They may stick together this way, but it's no big deal.

Okie dokie, I'm off to eat. Talk to me...leave a comment...cause a ruckus, have a cream soda -- do something already Sidney!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Very Thankful Thursday

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!! Today, my niece and I share a birthday; she'll be 10!

Last night after all the babies were asleep, my hubby and I worked on the house. We laid tile in the new bathroom. Today we've been going through boxes/tubs of stuff - reorganizing and consolidating. Hubby has been putting up a wall to the second bedroom downstairs. Things are really coming together and looking like it too!! I'm so encouraged by our progress and am ready to get things moving up here. We're going to have to move downstairs when it's finished so hubby can work on the upstairs. It's really fun and challenging at the same time, but all in a good way. The more progress we see, the better we feel and are ready to tackle the next project! We have a 5 week time-line and we're going to be done!!

This is to the left as you enter through the main door:

This is to the right, standing in the same spot. The pictured door is the entrance from the master bedroom.
I will have better pictures and maybe a sketch of a bird's eye view of the house when we're close to done. It's really beautiful!

This is the wall to the second bedroom that hubby put up this evening.
I am thankful for all this great progress while still caring on a "normal" life! I've heard it said that a couple is really tested when working on a house (remodeling, repairing, refurbishing, etc.), but I know for a fact that letting your husband make the decisions and not getting upset because he uses you as his sounding board for ideas and plans, then things run so very smoothly and there are no problems! I am enjoying working with my hubby on this house and helping as much as I can.

"Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." Psalm 127:1

Go to the Thankful Thursdays site for more who have posted of their thankfulness!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coming Home

We're back from spending Thanksgiving with family! A wonderful 2.5 weeks! My 8th niece was born and we were able to see my brother's family 4 days later!! Yet another SUPER-MOM!!
I sorta climbed my oldest brother's tree with climbing holds. It was a little difficult with a straight skirt and in the dusk/dark. We were going to go climbing, but it didn't work out; maybe next time!

We're taking the weekend off and look forward to starting our tough work until it's time to go to my sis-in-law's wedding mid-January. Hubby will be working on the house and I will be going through stuff to get down to our minimum so we can move. Yes, we are selling the house and moving. This is only going to be a 6 week visit here to the Siberian-winterland and then back to visit family/wedding and on to ARIZONA!! We are soooooo very excited. So, I won't be online as much (not that I have been these past few months anyway).

While we were visiting, Hubby repaired my parent's shower. It looks like a brand new shower!
The work he did made all the work he needs to do here seem alot easier!
After we get on our schedule again I will post pics. I'm still in my PJ's and have taken all day to type this. He also tore out the carpeting in his folk's place & I guess he'll have a big list of things to do when we go back!

I decided I'm going to remake my dress from my brother's wedding for January. I'm going to take the sleeves off, make the waist fitted & put a zipper down the back to accommodate the fitting. Then I may make a shrug or shawl (probably a shawl for a wedding) to put over my shoulders since it will be January around the timberline location! I may have to do all this by hand, since my machine's cord is still outta commission, but then again, I may finally just get a new cord.

Tomorrow, I plan on folding my dozen loads of laundry & at the same time getting rid of clothes we don't wear and won't need. We are doing a lighter school, since we did a little bit of math and some reading while on vacation, that will make all my other doings easier. We will be eating lots of sweet potatoes as well...I have only one main recipe, but I will be looking up more. Maybe a soup or in combination with other vegetable soups/stews.

The children are getting used to being home and our regular rules again! Baby #6 is crawling so well and pulling up on everything, but I am truly blessed with my house (I don't know how my mom did it with a split level and 5 children!!) the only stairs have a door and everything else is open, so I can easily see everywhere while I'm doing my chores!

Well, I'm off to start something for dinner (sweet potatoes) and finish organizing so I can knit a little tonight. I started a winter headscarf while we drove home and might be able to finish it in the next couple of days. I won't be knitting much else except finishing a pair of socks, this headscarf and a short pair of wool socks for feet are REALLY cold-maybe just 'cause I haven't started working, but anyway, am excited to get to work and get all these things done & try to enjoy the last bit of time we have here!!

Again, will try to put up pics for all that we are doing, so check back!! Have a productive and blessed week & don't forget to enjoy time with family and friends!!