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Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Andre, You've Sunk ANOTHER Submarine?!"

Yet another update.


I have yet to reach failure on most of these. TOO EASY DRILL SERGEANT!!
These are the exercises we do. Of coarse, hubby is much, much stronger than me, but my goal is to come close!

*Bicep curls: 15lbs, 12x's (these are to failure)-these are each arm, so if I had a bar it would be 30lbs.
*Shoulder press: 40lbs, 12x's (to failure)
*Tricep/Overhead extentions: 30lbs, 12x's (I could probably do 15-not to failure yet)
*Bench press: 55lbs, 12x's (to failure)
*Leg extentions: 70lbs, 12x's (TOO EASY STILL)
*Leg curls: 35lbs, 15x's (to failure)
*Squats: 95lbs, 12x's (TOO EASY!)
*Dumbbell rows: 40lbs, 12x's (to failure)

That's it. We are also walking, or trying to, everyday. I've lost 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks and have gained noticeable muscles! The numbers are what I did last workout. I started with much less weight and worked up. For the things that are too easy still we will add 10, 15 or 20 lbs at a time to see where my limit is. If I cannot do at least 8 reps, then it is way too heavy. That's all here.


I've listed my very first-all by myself-ebay items for sale! (just books) I am very pleased, for hubby has wanted me to put things for sale and I just hadn't learned the format yet! I kept counting the pennies and what they might turn into...yarn, knitting books, fabric! Just dreaming! Being the practical family, it would be more likely groceries, bills, gas money!

Hubby is still working hard on the house. He called me one time (you know that call where you drop everything and run!) he was standing in the back room and I know now what "Atlas" looks like. He was putting up drywall for the ceiling and, well, let's say, I'm his right hand man!! So very glad we're done with all that. The people who owned the house before did some renovating and for being in the construction business made HORRIBLE errors in things like the wiring. In layman's terms, they put the wrong "thickness" of wire so that if there were a fire, the breaker would NOT trip and the house would burn with no alarms going off!! Hubby's been redoing so much of this: can't leave such dangers!!
Meal Planning/Cooking:

Meal planning has been great! I have a meal for everyday and everyone is loving it. Umm, except for yesterday. Everyone loves the food so much that there aren't the leftovers anymore! I usually make 1/2 of my 12qt pan and have enough for at least two meals! Do I need to make more? I have that pan and also a 16qt pan (where I make yogurt). Oh, and I also forgot to figure in when hubby goes shopping. It is mostly when he needs something from the hardware store, so that could be 2 times in a week or not for 2 weeks! I try to keep stocked everything, but everyone keeps eating it!!!


Ok, I was wrong. I apoligize. My children will not be skipping a grade or workbook. They will be finishing High School by the time they are 12. I was also mistaken in how long it took for them to complete this grade. Under 3 months: the are just about finished with the 2nd book, which took them a month and the only reason they took longer for the first book was because we took off for visiting family and we were only doing one lesson per day! (though we tried at the time to have school 6 days per week) As we continue through the summer, the older two will work through Math 3 and be ready for Math 5/4 by the time school starts this fall! That's my 2nd grader and my 1st grader will be doing 4th/5th grade math! As far as History and Science, they are doing well learning about trees, flowers, seeds, seasons and geography. I'm thinking of getting some older grades in this area since it is just 'random' facts and not at all like math with concepts that are built onto each other. I am excited to see what's out there and find the perfect curriculum for our children! Yesterday during naptime, #3 had found a kindergarten/1st grade workbook we had bought for the older children a couple of years ago. He was doing the pages (with some of the instructions being read to him by an older sibling) with ease!! I'm going to separate the pages that he can do and keep them for records. I'm sure I have a thin binder, probably packed away already, well, the folders are still out, that'll work. He now reads books to the little girls!

I think that's all the news here. Slowly selling things and it clears out space for hubby to work. Getting phone calls of interest on the house. Spending all my time with the children to keep up on training so that there isn't a lull into poor attitudes and bad behaviour. Refiguring lessons, incorporating Biblical principles, keeping the Word ready in our hearts. Ah, and we finished reading The Man in Bearskin!! The children loved it and asked what the next book will be. Right, I already had them sent to storage. I guess hubby will go get the well marked box. Not knitting-REALLY wanting to sew or even make dishcloths, but I can wait and continue designing in the meantime! I came across this quilt...looks like it would be fun to make & I love the colors! Caution to all who quilt: you might be inspired by all the quilts this mama makes!! Much like this site, not simple one patch quilts but very beautiful!! And visit this site with so many tutorials...I think I'll be finishing quilts before I get around to actually sewing clothes once we settle in AZ!

Just finished making bread and spent a bit of time outside. It was not too cold, but the wind made us shiver. It was nice to come inside and eat the bread with butter and honey or honey and crunchy peanut butter!! Now, we are just chillin' and enjoying the warm house.
I've been thinking of taking out my sewing machine, but then I've been talking with hubby about helping him more on the house. I knitted 2 rows last night and it didn't have the same wonderfulness as before. I am so very ready to quilt and sew. If I help hubby, he said we would really be done in a week. On one hand: sewing, on the other: helping hubby with house which equals moving sooner. I guess we'll be doing some tiling tonight! I need to finish the laundry so we can take that out of the room. Later all ya alls!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here's just another update on what we've been doing.

I'll start with the boring stuff

Workouts and Exercise:

Well, hubby asked if I wanted to work out with him lifting weights...what can I say, "YES!". It's a completely different mentality than working out to lose weight. In fact, I'll be gaining weight , but I will definitely be leaning!! Hubby's done this workout before and had amazing results! We work out twice per week-yes, only twice-all the major muscle groups. You workout to "failure", this in turn makes your body produce the growth hormone hGH, which makes it easier to put on muscle. I've already improved in lifting 50-100% more! We are not changing what we eat (nothing to change there!!) and I'm already seeing benefits in lifting everyday things as well as more energy! I'll let you know how it goes!!

Yesterday I packed ALL of our storage items, having switched seasonal clothes & put away all non-essential items. (I have one closet I couldn't reach to do and I actually packed up almost all of my knitting things-gasp!) Hubby is taking them to a storage unit (we don't have a garage) until we move to make more room for a better house showing. Our house is now on the market to generate interest as hubby finishes the last of the work. We will have private showings. If we apply ourselves, we should have everything done and ready in as little as two weeks with the max. of 4 weeks. Hubby has been working on the back room, put in a closet last night and finished reinforcing the floors under the tiled upstairs kitchen. He has the ceilings and walls to dry wall, then mud. He likes to have several running projects, while he waits on things like the mudding to dry he is able to work on one or two more.

I am so very excited as this ball rolling downhill is increasing in speed!

It was fun to consolidate all the boxes and I had 3 more buckets (rubbermaid type containers) and 6 boxes that were suddenly empty!

I've been called "The Queen of Organizing and Alphabetizing", so naturally, as I excel in one area, my mind is quick to plan the next step in another area (but all comes from God as He gives wisdom and out of His mouth comes understanding!). I've possibly figured out a weekly menu for our family:

Sunday: Meatloaf & Mshd Spuds
(beef meal-since we are finishing the last of our cow)

Monday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Meatloaf and Salad
(leftover day)

Tuesday: Veggies & Noodles with White Sauce &/or Marinara

Wednesday: Lentils and Rice
(this will be once per week)

Thursday:B'fast-Oat Cereal
Dinner-Eggs & Toast (b'fast everyday)

Friday:Creamy Chicken Noodle Veggie Soup
(soup or stew day)

Saturday:Leftovers (also made pumpkin bread)

This has already eased my cooking schedule-though I spent yesterday going full steam for 17 hrs. I got up at 6 this morning (after only 4 hrs of sleep) and finished putting away the bread and straightening the kitchen AND I was able to read the Word-very refreshing-while I watched the pinks and reds in the sky. Yup, it's cloudy & it's supposed to be raining right now, but the high is supposed to be 73 degrees!! A wonderful day, now, if only we could dodge the raindrops and go outside!! I was getting a bit upset because it was raining/going to rain, but then the Lord showed me that He was cleaning the air for us! Yesterday, the neighbors decided to burn (at least this time it wasn't trash) and the wind blew most of the smoke right into our house. So, today, the Lord blesses us with rain to clean the air & we are able to open our windows again...umm, right after I find the screens.


#1 & #2 will be finishing the Math 2 by the end of the 'school year'. (It only took them 3 months to finish the second book) I need to get Math 3 (or maybe reassess to see if they could skip a grade with a bit of added effort on my part). I need to think of what Math to do for #3. I'll look into the Math 1 and see how it is. I need to get a workbook for writing for him & start that as well. I'll probably couple #3 & #4 in a grade, since she is right there with him. Then #5 always does everything with #4 and will want to join her....hmmmm, incorporating 3 beginning students is a new challenge for me. That would increase my classroom size-I'd have 5 children at the table. I had the younger ones for less time and different types of lessons-more verbal-than the older two. By the way...we year-round school. Learning doesn't stop, neither have we.

Knitting: (more boring stuff)

I finished my vest 2 weeks ago. I really like it...just the right warm without getting in the way while I work! I finished almost one sock, but I won't be wearing wool socks until next January-ish. My shawl I also packed, it will be quick to finish-when I have the umption! I am already thinking of things to sew. I would love to make the girls matching sundresses for Sundays and 1 or 2 matching dresses for everyday. We'll see, the little girls already have a number of summer dresses, so maybe I'll just be sewing for #1-unless G'ma T is willing to get out a few of the "heirloom" dresses. I remember a sleeveless lavendar dress and maybe one or two more. I haveta remember when we stop by on our WAY TO ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, I'm calm. I'll go, since this is getting a bit lengthy.

"And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them,

Occupy till I come."

Luke 19:13

Friday, April 10, 2009

Menu Plans

I haven't listed my menu in a long time. Though I keep it from having certain days posted, I have the flexibility to change the meal depending what's in the cupboard. So far for this week I have these meals, not counting leftovers. I am also waiting to see what dh brings home from the store. He does an awesome j0b & it's always exciting to see if he brings home "extra" ingredients! He goes to the grocery store (saves time with just him-he makes the decision & there is never an ill spent cent) about every week and a half to two weeks. This makes it possible to save money on gas, since the store is far, and he's able to go to the hardware store all in one trip.


~Noodle soup (watching Kung Fu Panda will make you need noodles!)

~Lentils & Wild Rice

~Grilled Cheese & Tuna

~Broccoli Soup

Meals always are for 2 times if not more except for things like grilled cheese, that usually accompanies leftovers or is a semi-snack.

I must say that Lentils & Rice is something that the Lord showed me to make. I use the Lundberg rice which is a mix of brown/wild rices. I throw the rice, lentils, water, salt and butter in the pan, bring to boil, cook at simmer for 50 mins & let it rest for about 10. I just revisited this site and found out that lentils and rice is a depression era food, as in this recipe. I am amazed that God gives wisdom to anyone at anytime - makes cookbooks pretty useless here!! Speaking of The Best Chef giving me His recipes, I also made a delicious Creamy Broccoli Soup today. Once again, 3 1lb bags of frozen broccoli, cover with water & bring to boil and cook til soft. Blend with a stick blender (don't splash it into your face-it kinda hurts) add one stick of butter, 1 TBSP of salt, a dash of pepper, at least 1 cup of milk and then the super secret sauce...oh, yeah, here you go: 1.5 cups of white sauce, or alfredo, or secret sauce:

1 stick butter melted into pan, add 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour and 1 tsp of salt with a dash of white pepper. Cook til bubbly then add 3 cups of milk. Bring to a boil, without burning the bottom of the pan. In another pan (or the same pan before you start the sauce) saute 6 cloves (1/3 to 1/2 head) of garlic, 1/4 cup diced onions, salt and pepper in butter. Cook until clear to golden. Blend with stick blender add to white sauce.

This is not for this meal, but you can pour it over veggies/noodles with this wonderful sauce:

1 can tomato sauce (I use the walmart brand-least amount of ookies)

6 garlic cloves

1/4 cup diced onions

1/4 tsp dried basil

1 tsp salt

pepper to taste (or just a dash)

1/2 can (small) refried beans ~* surprise! (or 1 part beans to 3 parts sauce)

This is great as a dip as well & it gives you added protein.

I just finished a pumpkin pie bread muffin cake thing. It is already 2/3rds gone. Having these yummy, nutritious and warm meals when it's still very chilly out is a wonderful way to get pleasant smiles and mmmmmmmms all around!

What else. Since I've lost another 1-2 inches this week (log is put away right now), but weight is not quite falling off, I've been restructuring my workout. Also, it's been so chilly or rainy or just pbbblt outside, walking has become almost non-existant (except for 3 days ago when it was so pleasant & sunny & I was able to take my 30 laps!!) I need to find my weights - I have 5 & 10 lbs free weights, hubby has a bench but it is down in the construction zone. I found youtube instructional videos (the pictures are inappropriate & I don't want to send people there) that explain how to workout more efficiently. A incredibly qualified (schools et al) trainer that explains things a bit like Teresa Tapp, but shows the benefits of using weights-or strength training. You know, the whole principle of gaining muscle which will in turn burn fat or use more energy therefore you lose weight. Another don't-need-to-look-at-the-scale-to-be-in-shape people!!

Psst...I can do 10 regular push-ups now followed by 10 more "girlie" push-ups!! Wooohooo!!

Anyway, what I've gathered is that I need to use my weights, workout only one of the Push/Pull/Legs workouts rather than something like: arms/chest one day then back the next...if you are paying attention to what you workout, then it is unnecessary to overwork the same muscles. Also that I need to raise my metabolism by doing small sets throughout the day, for when your body is at rest it is burning fat. While you sit, eat, sleep, and all, you are losing weight-not when you are working out-most of the time!

So, I'm gonna be improving my weight training and warm up to stretch and I will finally drop this extra flabbie! I've had a hard time getting my workout in this past week. Babies up late, overworking during the day so that I crash at night-basically never taking a rest time. All these things as well as the cold and cloudy weather took its toll on me. Since I don't have my regular trainer (dh) I have to be my own. I quit (in process) the "Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans". I never needed a crutch before, and have been sorely disappointed in this group. Maybe it should better be named the "Sisterhood of the Shrinking"; a complete thought (gerund modifying/describing subject) that doesn't suggest the opposite of what I think their purpose is . Oh well, not everyone will live up to my high expectations! Speaking of high expectations: I found these old links to Teresa Tapp describing her workouts.

Part 1 & Part 2. It's nice to review & remember why I did these workouts in the first place. Here's the Hoedown. (This does not nullify the fact that I will use weights/strength train)

Okie dokie, having a lighter school schedule. Only one lesson per day rather than two. Spending a little more time with setting up a tiny bit of chores, but really it should be called responsibilities.

#1 is putting away dishes (she's started washing bowls/plates when they are needed), switching the laundry.

#2 is making beds (mainly the little girls & mine-since everyone likes to sit on it)

#3 is cleaning the playroom

#4 gets the laundry out of the dryer with

#5 helping #4

They all help with picking up in general and the boys (#2 & #3) are pleased to trade off setting the table for meals. I am continually amazed at how they teach each other and care for each other. #3 has proven he can read...same as big brother, at the age of 4. Taking out the computer has also been a huge sucess! They are better behaved, kinder to each other (dearly so), quick to come when called, willing to acheive whatever task is set before them! Well worth all the effort-though I coulda saved myself alot of my own trouble by being consistent a long time ago! It's not the scheduling, routine or specific curriculum or ways, but doing the same thing with the same set of rules-always. It's really something you learn on your own, for you are your own family.

Alright. That's the news from Lake Woebegone...ummm, I mean here, where the woman is strong, the man is good looking and all the children are above average!! Goodnight folks.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yummy Taco Pizza

Here's another great meal...plenty of protein and tasty as well.

I was rummaging for a yummy meal. Let's see, lettuce, moz. cheese, milk, refried beans, eggs, ummm....I'm not getting much: ok, here we go.

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup corn flour
1 tsp salt
1/3 stick of soft butter
Water enough to make a dough

Roll onto large cookie sheet & bake for 7 mins at 400 degrees
then add:
Refried Beans mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with tomato sauce
Mozerrella Cheese & a tad of Colby Jack
Black Olives

Finish in the oven for 3-5 mins or until the cheese looks how you like.

Viola. Isn't it beautiful? I think I'll finish the last piece after workout tonight

Now, what am I going to make for tomorrow? I've got b'fast down (need to get a loaf of bread out of the freezer), lunch...umm...and dinner....oh, yeah. THINK! Guess I just haveta throw something else together!

Probably need to make tomorrow my laundry folding day and finish planning meals for the week. I helped hubby mud the dry wall we put up, the children were all wanting to help & did a little. We have a few more coats, but the partition to the stairs is looking top-notch!

Well, I'm off to workout. All 6 children are in bed (not necessarily asleep) and it's much quieter. I had #2 (6yrs) & #3 (4yrs) both helping with setting the table and getting the food out when it was time to eat. Pretty soon here, I won't have to lift a finger, except to care for myself! I love being a manager! The older ones are constantly using whatever they have, whether books or toys, to teach the younger children. It is amazing to hear them teach concepts and explain things and then encourage the child(ren) listening! K, gotta workout for real now, ciao!

Wednesday Weigh-In

Ok, still weigh the same as last week: 140 (which I am very thankful for-it had fluctuated up 4 lbs during the week!) but my measurements went down overall 2.75" the biggest loss of 2.5" in my abs! I didn't work out on Saturday or Sunday, so I have a 5 day work week. (Somebody needs to make the meals and do the laundry and change the diapers, ect. ad nausea)

I had the hardest time working out-it hurt and I really wanted to quit! With the constant posts at the "sisterhood" site and knowing ALL the "sisters" out there working hard, encourages me everyday to keep going!! (I really couldn't let them all lose their weight while I just give myself too many free days!) My jeans fit better in the waist, but are a bit snug in the thighs and calf-these jeans had already gone into the "too big" pile 4 months ago!! I'm going to keep it up and lose big in this challenge!! Next month will come too soon and I'll look back and know it was worth it!!

"No Pain, No Gain!"

I always feel like I could workout more, even after I'm done! I feel GREAT!! It's worth it so far!!

I've added the "Hoedown" and "Awesome Legs" to the 2-3 approx. 10 min workouts with Gilad. (This link has the same videos, but I can't find the site I have bookmarked on my comp.) Still walking when it's nice enough out-which is once or twice per week. I need to go get dinner started and then head outside-it's finally super sunny and warm 53 degrees (though the cold country wind makes me need to wear a coat-it's perfect on the deck where the wind is blocked by the house) *mental note: need to open the windows and air the house!
See ya next week, more inch loss and more likely some weight loss (unless I decide to start lifting weights!)

ETA: I have the #20 lb button on my sidebar because I've lost 20 lbs since I started really working out last August. (I'm not counting from when I had baby the end of last March-cause that woulda been 50lbs total!!) #5 lbs of it in September, #5 lbs in October and the last #10 lbs the first two weeks of November! Yeah, I was down to 128 all the way until we got back from the wedding. I had to start working out again while we seriously started working on the house & moving from room to room to renovate!! Now things have settled and I know when to help my hubby and can plan around it, so, I can now workout. I gained 14 lbs in the last 2 months of not working out (and weaning the baby). So, that's why I have 20 lbs to lose-having lost 4 last week. So there. pbbbbbbbt.