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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

That's Cool!

Today, I am exactly 1/2 way through this pregnancy! I couldn't figure out the baby due date calculator. It showed I was 20 weeks/140 days & 20 weeks/140 days to go! Interesting.
In other news, I made my 2 weeks meal plan again. I didn't assign days, yet.
(Updated Dec. 4th & 6th)
*Meatloaf & Mashed Spuds
Grilled Cheese & Leftovers
*Meat Turnovers
Hamburger Skillet
Chicken Noodle Soup*Cream of Broccoli
Spaghetti & Mini Meatballs
Bread (Double Batch)
*Pumpkin Muffins/Banana/*Nut Bread/*Spice Bread
Oatmeal Cookies/*Chocolate Muffins
Pita Bread
(*Meals made)
Yeah, I know it's a little on the ambitious side, but I was feeling energetic and thought if it continues I'll be able to do this!!

Menu is different from the last planning because my siatic nerve was pinched and I could do only so much and couldn't move at all. I also dropped a ceramic crock bowl on my foot.
Praise the Lord, I am healed!! I'm just glad that I had made HUMONGOUS amounts of food (I made 12 qts Rice Stew-lunches and not quite as much chili) that's why the chili is at the bottom of the list and Rice Stew won't be seen for a LONG time!!

This evening I made LOTS of baked potatoes! 10 pounds of potatoes can dissappear when little fingers are around! So, here they are:

I peel and slice them, put them on an oil covered pan, salt and pepper, bake at 425F for approx. 15-20 mins. and that's it. Even baked sweet potatoes, but they were almost in the dessert catagory.
I need to go knit-making a mad dash before the end of the month! You can see my progress here.


MrsAlphaMale said...

Baking the potatoes sliced is a great idea!

(I tried posting my blog but it doesn't work. I'll have to work on it.)

~Tonia~ said...

Congratulations on making the 1/2 way mark.

Yumm it all looks and sounds so good.