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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy!

This is of the rain falling over the ridge. Taken before we cleared the blueberry patch, the lot just south of the shed (or to the right in this pic).

We have just been enjoying the outdoors!! Though it's rained off and on, the weather is almost warm-at least the children are in shorts. No garden this year and so one day we cleared out the blueberry patch. It was overgrown with just grass which might have saved several bushes. We put the plants in pots and set them against the shed and hubby mowed the patch. He and the children worked at filling in the holes in the garden-formerly "Jumpy Squirrel's HideAway" and general digging area. After mowing the yard a couple of times, it also looks better. Made more room for the dandelions to grow, go to seed, then leave stems of brown sticking up all over. #6 likes to go and pick these stems and all the other children pick the long flowers and make bouquets or just tear apart the flowers to put the petals in their "pizza" as cheese<--that would be #4!

Hubby and I also cleaned up the back room the other day. I was picking up and sweeping and so I almost cleared the whole downstairs! I organized everything that needed it and threw out the really made it look better and we could easily see how little we have left to do! Since hubby had to tear out lathe and plaster, old ceilings and such, it was a big mess. Now there won't be anymore tearing out & the new construction can resume!

Before the clean up, hubby and I laid tile in the laundry room. It extends from the kitchen & it looks so nice now! After working out so much, I had the wherewithal to help put in the flooring. This is my work here in the picture and the towel was for my knees until hubby got the knee pads for me. We needed to make the floor level with the rest and so we laid down plywood and screwed it in and then mud, then the tile board and screwed it down (appropriate screws for each thing), then the mud and the tiles. Hubby put the tiles and I helped with the spacers, then after a couple days of drying, moved the machines back in to do laundry, then back out to finish grouting. We did the tiling while the children were awake and quickly found how much more efficient we are when they are asleep!

In the space of time I've not blogged, the fruit trees have leafed, flowered & fruited!

This is a Santa Rosa Plum

This is one of the apple trees

This is the pear treeI skipped putting the picture of the cherry tree & will try to get pictures of when its fruit is red!

Wanted to show you my counter space. This is when I made Veggies, White Sauce, Marinara, with noodles after finishing the dishes. The dishwasher has been downstairs since January and I do the dishes by hand. I am the more efficient, water saving, better quality dishwasher! This model also cooks :) I enjoy washing by hand, this is the reason I told hubby he could leave the dishwasher downstairs after he offered to bring it up.

To the left

and to the right
That's all I can remember right now. Need to go share the fresh bread and then head outside again! Ciao for now.

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runningtothecross said...

It must be nice to have fruit trees! We have a peach tree (white peaches) at the edge of the woods. It doesn't really produce a lot of fruit, but enough to taste! Last year, just after everything became ripe it all disappeared... don't know what happened there.

Glad to see your blog up a running again... you are one of the few people I visit!

Talk Soon!