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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Laugh with Me!

Ok, After seeing several ads for the Acai Berry diet(where they all lose about 20 lbs the first month and another 20 in the second month), I decided to look up natural-quick-weight-loss sites. I came across one called FormerFatGuy and looked a second, saw he had a blog and read a couple of posts. You'll haveta scroll down to June 9. The title is MacDonald's hits Africa. Updated: I couldn't get the link to work and finally found and saved the picture. So if the link doesn't work, here's the funny pic:

In other news, here are some pictures of our cherry tree, we pick about 8-10 per day.

Hubby also discovered, while he was mowing back along the fence line, 3 mulberry trees WITH FRUIT!! We have another one without fruit which is likely the male tree. It's enjoyable to watch the children run the length of the yard to disappear in the bushes and eat all the ripe berries they can find!!

Hubby had cut down the trees after we moved in, about 4 years ago. They grew again and we left them. This is the first year there has been any fruit. I love it when God plants the tree (volunteer) and it bears fruit!! Whole-lotta scripture comes to mind! :)

What else? Things are not always as they seem!

The baby's been kicking tons and tons especially when hubby speaks or sings! Yup. Baby #7 will be coming along by the first half of September! I'm doing just fine. I was swelling a bit in the legs and ankles (having nothing to do with temperatures or activity levels), then my mom in law suggested more Potassium & that worked!! Hubby bought a bunch of bananas, nectarines and canned-in its own juice-pineapple. It's wonderful to eat fruit til I'm full!! (that would be about 2 nectarines, 1 banana and 1/2 can of pineapple slices) I have skinny legs and feet again!! :)

So, I'm not super woman thin/fit right now. But if weight gain continues as it has been, I will only put on as much as I did with my firstborn, which was the best I did and well within normal range! We have been walking almost every day.

I've been working alongside hubby mudding and drywalling and sanding and patching and all of that 3-5 times per wall/ceiling! Things are getting closer to being done. Just alot of basic things: window jambs, painting, stretching/laying carpets, trim, a bit more electrical (I worked on my first box almost all by myself!), a little more tiling and a bit more that's not coming to mind. Getting down to the last bit!

I am constantly amazed how God has given me strength to do my regular duties and help hubby. I need to take a few pictures of the downstairs and show off our work! I think I will have mega shoulder muscles from sanding the ceiling in particular! Ohhhhh!! It's gonna be beautiful, it's so close and I can see how lovely it will look!
Yes, we like the house, just not the location. We will miss it, but we know that God has provided the way to move where(ever) we desire and have what we need!

You are always welcome to email or comment! I will be posting regular stuff here but not often, not because of the pregnancy but because of the house construction!! I will get pictures soon and you'll be able to see how much work renovating a house is! It's not difficult at all, just time consuming, but it will be worth everything!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to check over at my sewing blog for more info, especially if you haven't read my story yet! Bella's Sewing.

Right then. I'm done here. Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather (or cooler for those south of the equator) and keeping God first in all that you do!!


In Light of the Truth... said...

Oh! Another baby! Congratulations!!! You're such a busy women, I love hearing what you're up to!

P.S. I admit, I am intimidated by large families, such as yours, who have wonderfully obedient children, such as yours, and just have it all figured out. Can you share some of your tips and tricks of parenting sometime??

Emily said...

LOL! That is a very funny pic.

P.S.I clicked on the link and it worked for me. :)

bunches of yarn said...

Congratulations BellaMamma! on your #7, the Lord's word is always true. What a blessing!

I just bookmarked your sewing page so I remember to check it also.

Also, I'm glad to hear that the fruits have helped you for eliminating the swelling.

The 'overweight' jiraffe is hillarious, I feel like that sometimes (LOL)
Blessings to you and your family, ^__^

Cara said...

Congratulations! Do you UC? I can't remember. Good to know about the fruit, I had swelling with my September baby too.

Elise said...

Yay! Another beautiful baby! My personal favorite source of potassium is watermelon- has much more than a banana is so sweet and refreshing.

Can't wait to see more pictures of the house.

Elise said...

We miss you! Come back to the blogworld soon!