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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pizza Anyone??

This morning started with making bread. Last night I was too hot to make bread, but it worked out great as today is much cooler! My bread is turning out wonderfully & I like it with lots of oats, but we're out. So this is just honey wheat. I make bread twice per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Last night I made Naan Bread Quick Pizza, so that's why I made bread today.

#1 is just too cute! She gave this to me yesterday, I thought you'd like to see. (Is every day Mother's Day?!) Everyone (except for 2 youngest nappers) is coloring right now. Designers in the making.


bunches of yarn said...

Your loaves look gorgeous. I'm all out of WW-honey bread and have to make some--early Monday morning...Lord willing.
Nan pizza!!!! What a great idea. You are making me hungry. ^__^

runningtothecross said...

Thanks for the tip on raw potatoes...hubby is skeptical, but I ate a whole raw potato today anyway.

My bleeding is actually just some spotting...took another home pregnancy test today, but it barely showed up that I was maybe I already miscarried. I have be taking lots of tinctures that are supposed to help stop miscarriages...false unicorn, lobelia, wild yam & ginseng (for progesterone production), cayenne, catnip, vitamin E & C.

I'm okay either way...I just need to get up and be busy again. Today I had to get out and pick wineberries (& a few blackberries) as that itself is healing for me.

Thanks for your prayers...I will update my blog when I know something, but right now I am waiting.


BTW: Your bread looks just like mine! You must grind your wheat as it has that beautiful golden color!