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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


As per Candy's site (you can scroll to June 28th's post) & after Peasant House's example is my dishwasher:
This was the first load...

...and this is the second load yesterday with a view of the top rack.

I learned as a little girl that one does not overload a dishwasher (person or machine). So, this is not overloaded, but fully loaded; hence the double load.

We don't use plastic and yes, our glasses are salsa and peanut butter jars.

I've been blessed with this dishwasher. I didn't have one the first five and a half years we were married (that's hand washing with 4 little ones).
**I almost forgot the bread in the oven! And I think I do need to let it rise that 20 minutes before I turn on the oven...this batch was less & it's alot flatter! :{
But on the other hand: I did put oats in this batch, hmmmm!
Praise the Lord, we have bread!
(I do grind my own wheat.)
Later all...have children running around the house & need to get to them before the floor does. Ciao.


Elise said...

I cannot believe you went five and a half years without a dishwasher!!! You poor thing!

Christian didn't have one in his apartment in college, but he does in his new apartment. After I showed him how to use it he called me up and asked how he had survived all of college without one. Boys!

Elise said...

Quick question: do you do all your bread by hand or do you use a bread machine? When Christian and I get married I'd like to start making my own bread, but not quite sure about the best way to go about it- I absolutely detest kneading and letting it rise, kneading and letting it rise...