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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In The Last 10 Days

Am I really caught up on the laundry, again?! I didn't realize how much one can accomplish when modivated with knitting. After taking the night to blog (and not knit) I'll have a little bit of catching up to do in the dishes. You see, if I was going to knit, I would have made sure to get the dishes done during the day!!

I need to make Honey-Oat Bread and I think I'll be making Banana Bread-since the bananas are turning brown and I'm sick of the 80 cookies I made yesterday! (I didn't eat all of them and there are a few left.) I made some yummy soup that was just missing the little alphabet letters. Maybe next time. The children's eyes lite up when I mentioned alphabet soup and they started to ramble about spelling and reading while eating. Ok, now I'm really really really hungry....mmmmmm, soup...mmmmmmmmmm doughnuts!! LOL, Yes, I still have cravings!!

And dh had been able to do so much!! He tiled and put in the side door. That is sooo simply put, for those of you who have done these jobs know there are several steps before "just putting in tile" or "just putting in a door".

The 1st pic: Taking out the wood floor (gasp) to the edge of where we wanted the tile. 2nd pic: More than half way done tiling.
3rd pic: Door framing partly done. It's now complete, but I'll get better pics later.

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