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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Ok, once again I am knitting. I wanted to post the pics of what I started, but the batteries needed charging. So, instead of drooling over everyone else's projects, I've started a pair of socks. It is my 2nd pair ever. My first pair I made in 5 days in February of 1999. They are worn through the balls of the foot and heels, but I've found I can take apart that and knit it into another pair!!!! I forgot how easy it is...but then again, I've not gotten to the heel yet. I'm glad I made my own notes the first time, but I will be looking up how to decrease and such! If I am able to stick with this and really begin to get the projects done, then I may have to devote another blog just to handwork!! That's just more motivation to get off the computer and start getting EVERYTHING done!!

Ok, batteries are charged and pics taken.
This is my sock (I mean, my dh's sock) with #4's toes. And here is the scarf, wrap, sweater, I dunno what 'cause I haven't decided. I think I'm just going to finish this ball (there is one more ball left) and make something else with the last. It's acrylic, but it's brown...mmmmmm...chocolate!

Ok, that's all for now...gonna sit 'n' knit.

Tea sounds good right now, too!!

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