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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Still ONE!

At the end of my pregnancies, my mom would ask me if I was still one. It was the easy, polite, sweethearted way of asking if the baby had been born yet. You'll haveta go here if you want a bit more info.
I haven't really moved over to my new site. We moved dh's computer across the room & we finally had time to hook up the old one for me. I enjoy all the pictures I haven't seen for quite a while! Today was the first time the internet worked on this one AND I had time to type a little.
You can go over here for all the things I've been knitting since I didn't have computer time!
Other than that, I've been busy setting up frozen prep foods for dh to make meals easily. I've tried a whole meal frozen, but have not had a good product once defrosted!!
This time, I prepped the veggies (onions, carrots, celery, broccoli and also soaked-then-cooked beans) that can be made or added to just about anything and make it taste yummy.
We just rented from the library "SuperSize Me". Aside from the frequent bad language, the majority of the documentary is a wonderful reminder of what we don't want to do=eat processed foods!
We had just gone through the holidays eating "home-cooked" junk food. White flour and sugar for our bread and cookies made us completely messed up, from our attitudes to our sleep patterns and habits, our daily goings-on, and more! We are back on track for right eating and we are more productive, sleeping better, and are happy people (even if we do have a bit of cabin fever)!
Just for me I'm so glad to be rid of all this (and this is what I saw in myself & didn't like!!)
*nausea (NOT preg. related)
*swelling (NOT preg. related)
And, yes, it is not because of being pregnant and hormones, etc, (my children and husband are not expecting and these were their problems as well as my own!), but the white flour and sugar because we stopped for a bit & started to be better in all areas, but thought we'd give in once again (com'on give up chocolate??!!) & it compounded our problems which have once again gone, since fleeing those bad habits!!
So, if you think that you're eating just fine, watch the it again...learn/remember what happens when we don't take care of what God has entrusted in our care!
*yes, we did let the children see most of this movie. They already know the benefits of eating right...they remind their mama & papa! :)

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bunches of yarn said...

good to see you again. From your other blog I can see you have been very busy. You really make pretty things.
What a great idea to make meals ahead of time.