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Thursday, March 6, 2008

One Day at a Time

Officially waiting for baby's arrival. I had amazing energy and clear thinking last night and most of today. I made the potatoe soup & naan, then today made a big batch of chili and cornbread. I've even prepped for pumpkin bread for breakfast tomorrow! Not to mention (but I guess I am mentioning) a thorough vacuuming, learning planned for children -complete with sticker charts, spending time with children, two loads of dishes (anyone volunteering for the pans?), and I can't think of anything else right now.

I had gone downhill for the past week, culminating with trying to get out of bed this morning. It wasn't a pinched nerve (sciatic) or even contractions, but my lower back hurt so bad I had to crawl out of the room, much to the delight of #5 who came to pat me on the back & tickle me.

Most of the morning it hurt, but was getting better as the day went. I noticed that the contractions didn't hurt, helped with the back pain and gave me lots of energy!! So, now I seem to be getting things done while I have contractions - I don't think anyone knows how many contractions I have all day long!! There is rarely a time when I don't, they're usually every 10 mins for hours, I notice when I don't have them!! So...the real reason for the post, PICTURES:)

I'm sorry I can't get exact spacing so you could really compare. The left is a little to the front & taken from a sitting position. The right is almost exactly from my side taken from a standing position. Thought you'd like to see me. The sweater is the same size as the pink/red striped one in this post. I'm looking at that picture and laughing!!


bunches of yarn said...

Sorry you were in pain, but good thing you got better. Glad everyone liked the soup and bread.
You look great! and are very brave. When I was at that stage of my pregnancies I NEVER let anyone take a picture of me. (vanitiy made me very dogmatic)
Blessings ^__^

Happy in the Home said...

Wow your count down is getting low! Did you notice the diaphram moving on the baby? I just noticed that and thought that was pretty awesome.

I hope your getting some time to just relax and enjoy these last days with your baby tucked away :).

May the LORD bless you with peace, and joy, and safety for you and the baby, your husband and children as your time comes close...or maybe has been.