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Thursday, December 20, 2007

6 Months Down, 3 To Go.

I am feeling brave enough to post my picture, or rather the baby's. This is a fairly normal looking pic, just wait until I'm 8+ months--I'm already getting a bit winded waddling around, but PRAISE THE LORD, I have no aches and pains!! I just finished my cereal (oatmeal, walnuts, raisins & molasses-not chocolate sauce) and now am warming water for tea. After I'm done here, I'm going to continue #3's second sock...or maybe work on the afghan over here.

The sweater is cotton & .50 cents from a garage sale. It won't fit for long. *grin*


~Tonia~ said...

Love the belly shot.

Swylv said...

girl? just a hunch