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Monday, November 17, 2008

Since an Eon has passed...

I thought I'd write a quick hello! This pic is "over the hills and through the woods".

We are preparing to go to Gramma's house for Thanksgiving and are very, very excited to see everyone!! (Did I mention, it's been 3 years-except for a short visit from hubby's mom!) All my neices and nephews have grown too big and I dunno if they'll let their auntie give them hugs and say how much they've grown and dumb stuff like that! I didn't realize how much I've missed everyone. So, don't look at me funny if I start crying when I see you, it'll be because "I'm soooo happy!"
Ok, so therefore, I've been busy (like mega duh!) cleaning the house (I hate to come home to a mess!!), trying to eat the food in the refrigerator without running out yet, doing laundry and packing the clean stuff so we don't wear it again, gathering all the regular and extra stuff we need, as well as the regular day to day.
Hubby is finishing the plumbing for the downstairs bathroom. When that's perfect, then we'll be able to start tiling-after we come back. He replaced the window and it looks so nice. I found an old picture of the area where the bathroom is now, but it's on my computer, so I'll haveta do before/after pics at a different time.
What else.
That's pretty much all. Doesn't sound like much, but it fills each and every day!

Mindset of Festivities. Enjoying time with those we love dearly. Another hug. A cup of tea with homemade cookies. A sweet baby. Shining eyes and cute smiles. Mom opening the window because it's too hot in here-though it's 35 degrees outside. Card games. An uncle running to the store for the forgotten ingredient and maybe more chocolate....just in case. Dad praying over the meal. Thankfullness abounding!!
Look forward to seeing all of you very soon!!


Elise said...

We are looking forward to seeing all of you too!

lod said...

I have been doing nearly every single one of those preparations you have been talking about as well: packing, cleaning, more packing... I haven't blogged either- am too excited! (I probably will soon, though.)
Can't wait to see you all!

bunches of yarn said...

Sounds like lots of blessings and good times. Have a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving. ^__^

Em said...

That is an awesome picture,I love the fog! See you soon.