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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coming Home

We're back from spending Thanksgiving with family! A wonderful 2.5 weeks! My 8th niece was born and we were able to see my brother's family 4 days later!! Yet another SUPER-MOM!!
I sorta climbed my oldest brother's tree with climbing holds. It was a little difficult with a straight skirt and in the dusk/dark. We were going to go climbing, but it didn't work out; maybe next time!

We're taking the weekend off and look forward to starting our tough work until it's time to go to my sis-in-law's wedding mid-January. Hubby will be working on the house and I will be going through stuff to get down to our minimum so we can move. Yes, we are selling the house and moving. This is only going to be a 6 week visit here to the Siberian-winterland and then back to visit family/wedding and on to ARIZONA!! We are soooooo very excited. So, I won't be online as much (not that I have been these past few months anyway).

While we were visiting, Hubby repaired my parent's shower. It looks like a brand new shower!
The work he did made all the work he needs to do here seem alot easier!
After we get on our schedule again I will post pics. I'm still in my PJ's and have taken all day to type this. He also tore out the carpeting in his folk's place & I guess he'll have a big list of things to do when we go back!

I decided I'm going to remake my dress from my brother's wedding for January. I'm going to take the sleeves off, make the waist fitted & put a zipper down the back to accommodate the fitting. Then I may make a shrug or shawl (probably a shawl for a wedding) to put over my shoulders since it will be January around the timberline location! I may have to do all this by hand, since my machine's cord is still outta commission, but then again, I may finally just get a new cord.

Tomorrow, I plan on folding my dozen loads of laundry & at the same time getting rid of clothes we don't wear and won't need. We are doing a lighter school, since we did a little bit of math and some reading while on vacation, that will make all my other doings easier. We will be eating lots of sweet potatoes as well...I have only one main recipe, but I will be looking up more. Maybe a soup or in combination with other vegetable soups/stews.

The children are getting used to being home and our regular rules again! Baby #6 is crawling so well and pulling up on everything, but I am truly blessed with my house (I don't know how my mom did it with a split level and 5 children!!) the only stairs have a door and everything else is open, so I can easily see everywhere while I'm doing my chores!

Well, I'm off to start something for dinner (sweet potatoes) and finish organizing so I can knit a little tonight. I started a winter headscarf while we drove home and might be able to finish it in the next couple of days. I won't be knitting much else except finishing a pair of socks, this headscarf and a short pair of wool socks for feet are REALLY cold-maybe just 'cause I haven't started working, but anyway, am excited to get to work and get all these things done & try to enjoy the last bit of time we have here!!

Again, will try to put up pics for all that we are doing, so check back!! Have a productive and blessed week & don't forget to enjoy time with family and friends!!


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chriscgirl said...

It ws so good to SEE you AND it is so good to "hear" your blog voice again! Your page always is an encouragement and a blessing! Welcome home...for a bit :)Have fun sorting and pitching (that's my FAVE part of moving--an excuse to get rid of stuff!) and BLESSINGS all around to every sweet one at your house.