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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All the Beautiful Flowers

The past couple of weekends we have been planting Raspberry plants. Digging in the sandy soil is not difficult, but it is still good work!! The little ones were digging in the old garden spot and filling it with water, making mini ponds about 1.5 feet by 5 or 6 feet. Their white socks were no more, but were as dark as the soil. I think it was last week; we finished putting in more fruit trees. It’ll be nice to pick our own fruit…like last year’s pears!! The pear is already flowering as well as the apple and cherry trees. It's beautiful. I hope we can put in some regular garden vegetables. Last year we had so many cherry tomatoes...I should have made lotsa salsa. Maybe this year, with onions and garlic and peppers!! These are the end of the season berries last August.

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