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Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Showers

As I sit down with my tea, the sun comes through the clouds and makes the room brighter than the light bulbs. (A truly odd occurrence, since the windows are north facing) The tea is chamomile, fennel, spearmint, ginger, red raspberry leaf and nettle. It tastes pretty much like newly mowed yard, but it helps with a myriad of things!! I could add abit of honey and/or lemon juice or peel, but that's just an extra step.
If you need a tea to help you go to sleep or just extremely relax, Lavender is perfect! Don't have it during the day unless seriously stressed. I had trouble staying awake yesterday. The first time I had it I was so calm and turned into Perfect Mama: so very soft spoken.


Anonymous said...

Well this is dear ol dad without a handle for this type of rapid typing. but here is the comment for you to test your blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hello:) This is Christina, we had Enoch's 4th birthday party yesterday, and all went well. I am amazed that it has been four years! We missed you, but we had lots of sugar, so maybe you wouldn't have missed the party:D
Have a great day:)

cristina said...

we had lunch on the deck today..I wish we had a hammock to take our naps in the breezy sunshine.
Dinner: leftovers

computerguru365 said...

yup: 70's in January - 20's in April

"Global Warming" or "Global Cooling"

Let's just call it:

Global Harmonizing