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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Read to Me

I didn't realize the awe that children have for a good story. I've read plenty, including Green Eggs and Ham, but the fascination and questions of intrigue that followed after reading several chapters in Little House in the Big Woods amazed me! I am so happy to see them listen and watch their faces as their minds paint pictures. I am looking forward to story time now, which happens to be several times during the day. :)
Another backyard pic from the last snow we got that drifted to 3 or 4 feet. (drifts not shown, but on standby)

With the change in weather, I put on my wool leg warmers (the arms of a favourite sweater I shrunk) and turned on the oven. I made a batch of whole wheat bread, tried putting pumpkin bread in a muffin pan and round cake pan (I was able to shave off the top burned layer and turn it over for a perfect top!) and made a beef and potato stew for dinner.

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