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Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Bushel of Wheat, A Bushel of Rye...

Who's not ready, holler...."I"!

Yup, I've been tagged! This is fun, especially since it's only 4 questions.
I forgot to say who tagged me!! Happy in the Home!! Thanks so much, I had lotsa fun!!

1. What did you accomplish this past week?
*I have been keeping a good meal plan (dinners) and actually getting it done and still feeding the family the rest of the day as well!
*I have knitted so much and planned on so much more, all as a reward for getting my chores done!
2. Did anything not go as expected?
*The electricity was knocked out by an ice storm for 7 hours & we were so excited that we have the wood stove, where we did warm leftovers on the top as well as water for tea! We talked of what others did "back in the day" & enjoyed lots of flashlight time and children learning to be quiet in the stillness!

3. What was the highlight of your week?
*Probably the electricity going out, but then again, when it came back on!! I had been wondering how long it was going to last, since I had not only laundry, but DIAPERS to wash!!

4. Did anything exciting happen that you did not expect?
*My MIL was in a car accident, but is just bruised. Their car is totaled!
All in all, a great week, sleeping more hours at night, keeping up with training, cooking, not laundry, knitting, ummmm...yeah...that stuff! I hope that's an adequate tag. I don't feel comfortable tagging anyone else, but if ya want me to, let me know., anyone up for a game of hopscotch?!


Happy in the Home said...

You are so cute! I love how you snuck in the "not"!

I'm glad your mother-in-law is okay.

Such a good sport! Oh, by the way, I love hopscotch!

~Tonia~ said...

Isn't it amazing how we take electric for granted? Glad that you had a wood stove to cook and stay warm by.

How scarry for your MIL. Happy to hear that she is ok.