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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cold Hands = Warm Heart

It rained this morning and now it's sleeting. We're supposed to get 3-7 inches of snow. Last time we lost the, I have laundry to do before (if) it goes out. Just letting ya'alls know...may not have phone or computer. WILL be enjoying the woodstove, makes the meal planning a bit of an unexpected challenge, but we'll see if anything happens. Have a blessing of a day!

Update 12/24:
No Big Deal here. I wanted to prepare myself & get some other things done. We did get a couple of inches of snow, but the wind was gusting from 20-30 mph!! We're gonna step outside for a bit of fresh air and maybe I'll get out my violin. Never know what you're gonna learn about an online friend, hehe! So, gonna be relaxing...have lunch and dinner to prep and start. Ciao for now!

1 comment:

~Tonia~ said...

Glad that the electric decided to stay on for you this time.

I would so love some snow. It was in the 50's today. It is just so wrong.