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Thursday, July 17, 2008

And the Award goes to....

I am quite honoured in receiving an award! I will be nominating another 5 for this award also. It was presented by Amy from Amy's Place (a real gem!).

I am changing the rules...because I can! Anyone nominated does not need to post as the original rules state, but do link back to me if you say anything. (I like visitors, but more so, I like COMMENTS, tee hee). I declare this a "Calvin-zone"; feel free to do the same.
Drum roll please. (use your own sound effects)
1. I nominate first and foremost a non-blogger, my 5th born. She has completely potty trained herself at 19.5 months of age & I am thankful to Jesus for all!

2.Peasant House is a wonderful lady whose example of resting in the Word and leaning on Jesus for a peaceable life is a true blessing!

3.Bayith Treasures is a challenging and inspirational life to run the race to win!

4.Purity Seekers is another lady who, even with 5 children, manages to sew, knit, create as well as motivate me to do more and still get so much done! (this is where I found to put spinach in a smoothie!)

5.Mom of 9's Place is a website with mountains of information, encouragement, studies, and the list goes on and on!

*Just a note...I do not like pictures representing angels as women and that's why it's not here.

1 comment:

bunches of yarn said...

Congratulations for your award! I think it is a well-placed award, and a blessing. You are inspiring for accomplishing so many things with all those 'little ones'

And, Thank you, BellaMama for the nomination, I am speechless (well, not quite, heh, heh, heh)I mean, thank you, really.