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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Exercise T-Tapp

Just wanted to write what I've been doing for exercise. T-Tapp. It only takes 15 mins. You never need any weights or equipment. You only need a little floor space. No jumping or bouncing. It is based on therapy used to strengthen the spine and work the muscles their whole length. When I had horrible sciatic pains from my hip to my toes, I would do the Primary Back Stretch once or twice a day and be all better. I have more energy, more muscle, less fat and I even sleep better (around 6 hours & still have the wherewithal to take care of everything for the next 18 hours!) I drink lots and lots of water & I think I'm still behind!! My skin is wonderful, my hair is thick & curly and my attitude is always getting better and better!! I work out after the children go to bed at night & I've caught up with dishes or whatever else needed attention, which can be anywhere between 9-11pm!

I've done the 15 min. workout for the past 3 months for almost every day. If I don't workout, I have a more difficult day & it's easier to walk with Jesus when I'm not having to deal with my mental fritz when I haven't taken care of myself!

Here's a Video & Part 2 on how it works.

Last year I did the 15 min workout for about a month or two-4 to 5 times per week, then I went right into the BootCamp (a 1 hour workout that you do for 10-14 days, everyday & then maintain with once or twice per week). I believe that since I didn't build my muscles and balance with the 15 min, that my foot rolled and had an almost 3rd degree sprain that took the full 6 weeks to heal that I could walk on it normally. One of the reasons I didn't workout this last pregnancy! I know that my foot was not severely injured because I had exercised (my foot rolled for years), but I should have stuck with the 15 mins to build muscles extensively! So, that's what I've been doing. I really, really want this last 20-ish pounds to drop off like after I had my first 2 children (two months postpartum!), but I am willing to wait so that there is no risk of injury!

All this to say, if you are needing an easy, effective and beneficial workout, consider T-Tapp. If you have any questions or need more information, let me know!

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amada said...

Oh yes, exersize. My husband and I have gone running twice in the last week, and it does make a world of difference with my attitude. It also helps me to want to eat well because I don't want to waste the work I just did! I have heard recently about TTap, but know nothing about it. What do you like best about it as opposed to running or something else?

Trujillo, Peru