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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Turkey Recipe

Here's my answer to a recent comment:

My favourite Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is my mom's! When she cooks, that's my most favourite!!

I've never made turkey (whole) and I think I made a roast when dh went to work. Warms up better than the first time it's eaten.

When we ate more chicken, I'd make fajitas. Not really Thanksgiving food, but still yummy!! I think just making something you and yours like is the best part of celebrating together, no matter the day-or missed day!

I like to keep Thanksgiving meals for getting together with family, rather than making a mess at something I've not tried and don't have a reason to! I like all the memories associated with Thanksgiving...I'd like to keep it that way!! LOL

Well, I've been busy today. It's raining and overcast, but I have had a song in my heart and have enjoyed singing with the girls!
I just finished making a wonderful Potatoe and Hard-Boiled Egg Stew, the Bread is rising and since I didn't have bread, pancakes or any muffin type thing to have with eggs for b'fast, I made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. If you consider the ingredients...they are the same for all of the above (except bread, but you could have raisin bread!). Again, no sugar, no white flour and you have good food you can have ANY time of the day!!

As I sip my freshly made herbal tea: chamomile, lavender (oh, yeah, totally calming!), spearmint, rose hips, fennel, dandelion leaf and red clover.

So, besides all this, I wrote out 3 (yes, three) patterns that I'll be posting sortly!!
(Yup, all this done while homeschooling and caring for the babies!)

Well, need to go feed the tribe and enjoy the constant sound of rain and cars driving through it!

1 comment:

Jules said...

Is the recipe for those Oatmeal Raisin Cookies anywhere on your blog? They sound like something I'd like to try. And I love the 'cartoon' you started your post with. I can remember my mother using that expression lots but I haven't heard it in years (perhaps because I've been blessed with sons who will eat just about anything).