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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whaddaya Think?

This is our pear tree. The Lord has blessed us with these beautiful yummy pears for the second year! All this we picked today; it's supposed to frost tomorrow night! We have 2 medium buckets, an estimated 20 lbs of pears. They are huge!! Thank you Lord!

I've been knitting and designing during my "spare" time. I have just a few projects to finish & I have 3 sweaters waiting for finalization. I also discovered Annie Maloney's books. Right now I'm interested in the cable book. I haven't found these cables anywhere and they're not like all I've seen. Anyway....

Just made a cream of broccoli soup to go with the bread yesterday. When it's cooler, I enjoy baking more. It's easier to bake. It's cool and it just "feels" like cinnamon roll and coffee weather, or chili and corn bread, or even a batch of crepes as pancakes with honey or other sweet dressings.

The children are learning well. The two oldest finish Bible and Spelling this morning before b'fast, then we did a lesson in Science and they were all but jumping up and down when I finally let them get out their math. They love it, look forward to it and just eat it up!! I could just give them the workbook and let them do the lesson mostly on their own, but I need to really get with it, cover the few things I've just touched and get them rolling into the 2nd book and then let them work on their own!

I need to start requiring that #1 write in handwriting. (cursive). She prints beautifully and I think she's ready to take her creative abilities and begin illustrating.

#2 is reading everything...I need to dig out my old books and give him something more than the baby (dick and jane) that we have out! One can get sick of reading too many books about animals as well!

#3 is working with dh on his reading. Mr. Brainy( #3) will spell and read just fine if he can play a computer game! So we use it and everyone wins!!

#4 is teaching #5 her abc's, colors and shapes. Yup, that's the 3 yr old teaching the almost 2 yr old!

#6 is doing great. He's eating well, sleeping much better and is his happy self once again! He's pushing up like he's ready to crawl, but still does the roll and turn over to get to a different place. He's also talking more. He was downstairs with dh this morning and he was just saying "mamamamamamma" until dh brought him up and then he was full of satisfied giggles when he was put in my arms!! SO adorably cute and sweet!

That's all here. Full schedule and the same 'o same 'o everyday so I won't bore ya until I have something more to tell ya. Ok.


bunches of yarn said...

Oh those pears look so juicy. I love their color.

Amazing report about your babies, you are doing a great job! spare time?????

Elise said...

Awwww. Hopefully I will get to see everyone soon!