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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

I was exactly 2 years ago today we were joined by our fifth child and beautiful baby girl! Our oldest made a card for her almost a week ago and gave it to her today. Birthday girl has been singing, "Happy Birthday to meeeeee." with lots of smiles and giggles as she "reads" the card! She was arguing with her year older sister over b'fast about whose birthday it is: "It not your burfday, it mine!" said #5, "You're 2 and I 3." said #4, "NO, I not, it my burfday!" said the adamant birthday girl. On the road to debate!
We're having a very relaxed day with computer games for the older 3 (for a little while) and nosching for all of us! Late last night, I finished folding just 4 loads of laundry and I have 4 more in rotation I'll be completing. Other than that, maybe a nice meal to plan and make and hopefully outside time as it is no longer "too wet and scary outside"!! It's cold, hovering around 50 degrees for the next week with storms coming and going - it's only going to be getting colder!! Digging out all the winter hats and cuddling under the down comforters with all the babies giggling and laughing!
So that's all here, whatcha doing today? Do have plans for a fun day or restful day?

Ummmm....I'm thinking some fried foods, like mama's throw cassarole, or other yummies; but, alas, I am out of coconut oil.....but I'm not out of butter!!! Ideas pouring in!!

Later, ya'all, have a great day and be BLESSED!

**I've always liked this picture, I saw it when I was about 15 yrs old and knew one day I would have two little girls that would look like it. They are #4 and #5 who are 13 months apart. Perfect!!


Jules said...

The picture is lovely. I had to wait until my granddaughter was born to get 'my girl' but she was worth the wait. Enjoy your little girl's birthday and Happy Birthday to #5!

Elise said...

So much fun! I can't wait to see you guys-hopefully in less than a month! I've been craving southern fried chicken and baked macaroni and cheese (it's really good if you add butternut squash and egg), but I am reluctantly sticking to my pre-wedding diet. Hope everyone is doing well and Happy Birthday to the good little debater!

chriscgirl said...

I loved this cutie pie post! That is the sweetest "arguement" I have heard in a while.:)

My #3 usually wraps up some of her favorite well-loved crayons as a special "present" for the birthday girl... if only you were near!Come to think of it, she may even have a package all taped-up-with-no-opening-to-ever-be-found hidden somewhere to surprise you sometime in the future. Hmmmm...I wondered why the crayon box was looking so empty!

Blessings to you all!