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Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the -1st day of Hanukkah...

I know, it'll be Hanukkah starting tomorrow evening, but who says we can't start celebrating now?? And who says you can't continue all through til Spring?? I really dislike it when the holidays are over...then it's just cold and dreary and nuthin' to look forward to anymore!!

Anyway, Progress!! *singing* "Arizona here we come..." Ok, still working on the house, but definitely making progress!! I went through, in one evening, 1 file cabinet and 2 more boxes equivalent to the cabinet & dumped the old and have just a bit more filing to do!! Unseen progress, but progress nonetheless!! Then I consolidated 5 Rubbermaid/Sterlite/Whatever big boxes/buckets and 2 other boxes of misc. junk into 2 of the bucket things!! Then I organized my desk and made more horizontal space!!

Here's a promised construction pic: The second bedroom wall, the closet has since been added here and doors (sliding double) are ready to be installed.oops: I guess this pic isn't the one I thought I took. (see previous post) Will be getting that for you soon.

Biggest and Best of ALL -- I returned to being a Geek!! I (yes, finally for the first time since it's power supply was fixed) hooked up my oldest computer! It just beeped and I air cleaned the dust and reseated the components. Then I read online that it was the ram. Fearing a busted piece, I tried reseating the memory & HEY!! it works!! Then later I tried the CD came on, but didn't do anything. I heard that wonderful still small voice say that it wasn't connected. I thought it must be connected-the power light came on. I knew that it needed to be connected to the motherboard. In I go, my own geeksquadette, get the cable-thing I had found while I was sorting through the boxes and plug it in...VIOLA!!! All in working order!! Now, I have a computer for the children to use and one for each my husband and I!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!

And here it is...our first batch of Kombucha. It's been interesting to say the least! Dear Hubby is taking care of it with precise temperature measurements and calibrations. It came with instructions, but not being satisfied with limited information, we turned to do extensive research online. Found plenty of pictures of healthy s.c.o.b.y.'s and unhealthy. Reading all about the process and chemical reactions that occur. I have really enjoyed learning!

So, are you satisfied with all these goings on? Right, meal planning: here's my list though I don't have days assigned.

Empanadas (meat turnovers)
Meatloaf 12-20
Grilled Cheese 12-21
(with leftover Meatloaf)
Lentils 12-16
Tacos 12-17
(with leftover Lentils)
Quiche 12-17
Pizza 12-18 Leftovers 12-19
(with Taco Meat)
Sweet Potatoes
Broccoli with White Sauce
Mixed Rice with Veggie Saute 12-20
Giant Omelet with Broccoli
(with leftover Taco Meat) 12-17

Ya think we don't eat meat-think again. We just eat alot more bean meals and/or mix beans with the meat, not to stretch it necessarily but to make it more digestible or to use leftovers. Breakfast is either omelets or just scrambled eggs with my bread toast and Gingermonhoney-(tm). We don't have sandwiches (except when I make meatloaf & use it in grilled cheese) and we don't have Mac'n'Cheese or Ravioli-O's or other processed foods. We are making our own yogurt again.

It snowed all day today. We had about 4" when I checked around 3pm and I didn't look again. Dare I brave the wind and weather for a true measurement for you....ok, be back in a jiffy.

Sorry, can't open the back door to the deck-frozen shut, mostly at the bottom.

So, are you done reading my blabbings? I'm getting hungry...need to eat...hmmm....Peanut Butter Balls.

1 jar of Smuckers Peanut Butter
equivalent Honey to PB
1 TBSP Molasses
2 tsp Vanilla
2-4 cups Oats (to your own consistency)

Refrigerate til workable. Form into balls, put in baggie and freeze. They may stick together this way, but it's no big deal.

Okie dokie, I'm off to eat. Talk to me...leave a comment...cause a ruckus, have a cream soda -- do something already Sidney!


bunches of yarn said...

I recognize the 'sit down, have a cream soda, relax!'
Ok here it is: Great progress on your house. Good for you.
So glad you made Kombucha. Did you get a scoby? Let us know from whom if it works out.
I have made some sort of those peanut butter snacks. I have used powdered milk, but now have tried powdered whey from the health food store. It adds lots of protein. If you can find some unflavoured, then it does not fight with your own it does not have unspeakable sweeteners.
Have a Happy Hanukah month...season. ^__^

lodAutumn said...

Those peanut butter things sound good!Thanks for the idea, since I've been trying to think of more desserts to have for the holidays :)
It snowed here too... quite freezing!!