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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This is a tiny "corner" of my bedroom. The only place to work!
Just a short post to give a bit of news. My dh has gone above and beyond and fixed my sewing machine cord. (I looked on ebay and they go for 25-50 dollars) The machine was a wedding gift from my parents. I haven't been able to use it for almost a whole year-which if you know me, you know that is extremely long!!

Isn't it beautiful. After watching him fix it, I could do it-it's so very easy!! It only took a few minutes and my machine seems to run smoother! Maybe like when we were little and we ran faster when we had new shoes! Now I have the wherewithal to make dresses based on this find I got at a garage sale for $2-new! It fits #5, so I will make the dresses for the older two girls. I also will be able to take in my plum dress!!

Well, I'm off to make my bread that is falling out of the pan!! .....ahhhh...gotta run!!

And while I'm remembering:



Elise said...

One of my favorites pics! This hangs above the soon to be "our" bed in Charlotte.

Jules said...

What a cute dress and it looks so easy to make. And how neat that your DH fixed your cord. It's handy having a husband that can do things like that.

[I also thought it would be handy to have a son that was an electrician but found I was wrong. LOL.]

bunches of yarn said...

wooowhooo indeed! congrats on your 'new' cord. Cute dress, should not be too time consuming to make.
Kudos to your DH for fixing the cord.

Seems that your dress repairs will not take as long. I cannot imagine the hand sewing of ALL garments before the sewing machine. ^__^