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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Going UP!

**this is not my house, my stove or mine at all. I thought it was pleasantly minimalistic!**
We've moved back upstairs! It's much better and what I'm used to!! Have caught up on most everything and have helped hubby more with the switch-er-roo of rooms. He finished painting and putting in the carpet in all but the old dining room. He'll leave that so that we can eat there again & not dirty the new carpet! He just fixed the OLD Frigidaire electri-clean 50's or 60's stove. I like it because of it's flat burners not the coils of electric yuck that always seemed to burn things! I look forward to using the oven...that I've been without for the past month! Hubby is also okay-ing getting rid of stuff. I happen to have the most of those rubbermaid/sterlite tubs filled with sewing and knitting things. We consider it equal to "potential energy", things I can make for the family, like unto the idiom: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I'm not sure what we're gonna get rid of since we are extremely practical! Hubby was saying things that we haven't used in 5 years-I can think of kitchen things and I'm sure there's plenty more we could do without and still live comfortably!

What else? Handling the everyday in the construction zone. Since the tile is just about done in the kitchen, I won't have to walk on boards to pass or lean over large newly set areas. I look forward to walking through any path without extension cords. I am so pleased with the progress that it is so easy to put up with these inconveniences. I enjoy house hunting with hubby and knowing what we can do to fix a house and put up with instead of buying perfectly new and paying with "an arm and leg"! We like looking at the different layouts of the houses and figuring what would be more suitable for our family-tons of fun for us!!

Cooking: this has been a bit difficult without a stove. In fact I need to go make a vegetable soup and we already had refried beans with cheese and chips for lunch. Everyone really enjoys these stovetop meals, I'm just ready for a few meals that I can throw in the oven!

Schooling: going well, we've stopped almost all t.v. and video games. We have our obedient smart children back! Also taking Cod Liver Oil (Carlson's Lemon flavor!) is helping alot too. I found my McGuffey Reader and will see where the older 2 are-they are probably ready for the next book. #1 is doing handwriting beautifully and #2 has neatened his penmanship. #3 is reading simple books and doesn't "like the long words so (he) just skips them"-funny! I guess I need to read to him and see where he really is. #1 & #2 read to the children and #3 is constantly asking for another book to be read! #4 is working with #5 on speaking correctly, "no, we say banana, not babana"...she is always anticipating and helping everyone! #5 is speaking clearly and is so cute when she asks for a bottle for #6 and herself. I just love their little baby voices speaking in coherent sentences!! #6 is walking so very well, almost to the running stage. He has a few sounds that sound like several words: Ha for yes, mama, dada, ba-ohl for bottle and many more. I enjoy his face lighting up when we actually guess what he's saying!

Well, children are off to bed, hubby is finishing the tile in the kitchen, I just finished cleaning up dinner (cheesy cream of vegetable noodle soup) and changing the laundry. I was thinking that once the kitchen is done, I might actually put a picture. I'll find something with the "before" and then you'll see how great it looks now!! I forgot to mention that we moved alot of the storage things into the children's old room. We have more things downstairs to move up, then I'll be able to finalize what we will keep and ready everything for the move! **Did I mention that I love to organize and consolidate??!!**

Okie, I'm tired and I haven't knitted in 2 days!! Need to finish my shawl, I might post a picture since it looks so different from the usual! :)

All-you-alls have a blessed week and keep putting God first!


Hippie Housewife said...

It must be such a great feeling to be able to fix the new house up so much!

I love hearing little children talk too - so precious.

Jules said...

Yes please, we want photos! Oh I am trying not to be envious. DH planned on building our bathroom wall on the weekend but when he pulled out the timber he'd bought it had all twisted. It obviously wasn't as dry as had been advertised. It's so frustrating living in a construction zone. I've had to learn so much patience but as you know it's all worth it in the end. Enjoy your new spaces!

~Tonia~ said...

Yay for more progress. It will all be over before you know it. We did somewhat the same thing. Bought old, but the only thing that really needed done was the kitchen tile and to pull the carpet up to expose the hard wood floors.

Can't wait to see pictures of what has been finished.

Elise said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures of the lovely "new" house. Sounds like schooling is going so well and that all the babies are growing up much too quickly. I've been job searching and spending large amounts of time at home which can become tiresome all by myself, but have really enjoyed taking up some more baking and sharing with the hubby's all-male office. Keep up the blogging! It's so good to hear how things are going.

runningtothecross said...

That's great, to fix up a house, that is... I am married to a custom woodworker myself... but you've probably heard that the shoemaker's children have no shoes? Well that is the way with us, we do have cabinets (not made by hubby), and a promise for more nice shelves... but the custom woodworker's family has no nice shelving (too busy with other jobs! since he's a one-man show... in business by himself).

Oh well, very encouraging to have no TV, huh? We cancelled our satellite a month or so ago (can't remember) and I limit the video games (as I have never liked them). I am hoping to get things back to normal around here soon, but today we woke up to snow!!! Our first and probably only snow for the year (we are south of the Mason/Dixie line and on the east coast).

Okay... BTW... love the shawl!!! But time is up and must be getting my duckies all in a row!

TTYL!!! and Blessings!