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Friday, February 13, 2009

Yes, Going like the Energizer Bunny!

Well, last night was our first night in our brand new bedroom upstairs. Hubby moved us out of our room and he painted it last night (or rather, early this morning) and he'll be carpeting it then moving on to the children's room after they are moved into our old room. Then he'll start tiling the kitchen and bathroom. He is going NONSTOP!!

We went to the grocery store the day before yesterday--ahhh, what a pleasant break from the construction zone!! We were out running errands and the like for 4 hours and were ready to be home again. I am cooking lots more now that the kitchen is a bit more organized and I don't haveta run upstairs or send someone (my "fast like a bunny" little ones) to get ingredients or pans. I'm also JUST starting to drink enough water again! Amazing how you can get "sick" so quickly by not having enough water!! I was "suffering" from many things including a couple of pinched nerves, headaches, tummy aches, lethargy, brain fog....all this caused by not drinking water. So you know, I would drink juice mixed with water (1/2 'n' 1/2) or a few glasses of milk and maybe a cup of tea. NO WATER. Now that I'm just drinking (in addition to other liquids) at least 1/2 gallon of water I'm doing much better!! I had stopped working out so I didn't need quite as much water. Like I said, things are much better and I look forward to getting more done as well as always helping hubby with the house.

I guess I got upset with all you alls. Yes, most of you don't leave comments, but I was going by the 50-100 hits I get on my blog per day and thought some of you needed to really say something. Well, come to find out, the hits are a total from all my blogs. I'm guessing that the majority of hits are for the knitting patterns. I don't apologize for getting upset, 'cause I'm still waiting for some family and friends to comment. I'll give 'em the excuse that maybe their computers are broken, yeah, that's it. They really do care and would comment! Ok, I'll go with that!! (chuckle)

I am surprised that I'm still able to (and still desire to) knit! I'm halfway through a scarf, but I ran out of yarn, so now I'm working on thick wool socks for me. It's been cold and won't be warming to a warm temp for several months still. We all are enjoying being downstairs where the sunlight (when it does come through the clouds) shines in and warms the room. The children like racing to a sunny spot whether to do their schoolwork or to just sit and be warm. They remind me of our old cats! Speaking of schoolwork, since we started again (after all the traveling and moving) they are doing well and understanding it quickly and working quickly while doing it even neater and more precise!!

I'm thinking of doing a video of the house when it's done. I think it would work better and you'd be able to see more than just a series of pictures. I haveta figure out how to put a video in, but that's still down the road...something to look forward to! It's looking great!

Ok...what else. I need to feed the children (and me-go figure) the homemade vegetable noodle soup. Maybe we'll have tuna and cheese and crackers, too! I need to make bread, but I haveta wait. That's ok, we got chips and crackers at the store, so no lack of carbs!

Here's what we had for breakfast: (serving 7)

Scrambled eggs, Refried bean and cheese burritos, oats with raisins and molasses and gingermonhoney cereal. Finally heard, "I'm soooo full!" So, gotta run and do this again and think of dinners.

Have a good, be good and good!



Jules said...

Looking forward to seeing pics of the house when it's done. Having lived in a contruction zone for far too many years I know how frustrating and difficult it can be. Still it's all worth it in the end.

bunches of yarn said...

Congrats on your newly redone bedroom. It will be nice to see pictures. Glad you are back in your regular routine. It seems that schedules make for smoother going.
I don't get many comments either. Also I'm not one to comment often. Although I like to see comments, it would not be fun to have hundreds, like some blogs I visit. Wfff!
Someone said that for each person that says something, there are one hundred who don't. (I'm mostly in those 99) Like in 'real life' I like to watch people, but not talk to them. Be of good cheer. ^__^

~Tonia~ said...

Busy busy man you have there. What is he going to do once he is done? ;) I would love to see your home. I have read so much about it, it is always nice to put pictures/movies to words.

Christine G said...

That must have been heavenly to sleep in your new bedroom! Home renovations are a blessing and pretty tedious at the same time.

And, wow! That is quite the breakfast! :)

Hippie Housewife said...

How nice to spend your first night in your new bedroom! What an exciting (and busy!) time for you all.