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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Old Church House

Just wanted to address a couple of areas in regards to the house.

It's not a new house, it was built in 1914. I say renovation, but it's necessary construction. We are not putting in the newest things because it hit our fancy. We spent the least amount as possible to still have a quality product. ANYTHING we've done has improved this place that had, for example, the peel and stick "linoleum" in the kitchen that was worn through, carpeting that has been over worn, in fact, we had to get this tar paper off the wood floors downstairs before we could sand and poly them before we moved in 4 years ago. We've been working on the house since we bought it, but hubby had a job with rotating shift work and it was difficult to just maintain a normal life, let alone work on a house! Our main goal in working on the house is to prepare it to sell-this has always been the priority and we've just recently watched as the Lord opened doors for us and we can see all the way down the corridor. We will only have a short time to enjoy our labors before we move!! My husband has done the majority of the work, but I've been his right hand man!! : )
So, to recap: this is a major construction of a 2 bedroom 1 (3/4)bath apartment that was above an old construction worker's store/business place with 1 (1/2) bath As-is/DIY/Handyman's special. Now, it will be a 5 bedroom 3 bath (1/2, 3/4 and full) with 2 kitchens and new carpet and tile throughout and refinished hardwood floors, newly painted and ready to move into!!

We've been blessed with this place after looking for a place just like it for the first 4 years we were married. We saw it a month after it went on the market and for the perfect price! Not everyone is a "handyman", but everyone can work with his hands. We've learned much, researched more and have done it.
We haven't bought unnecessary things like new furniture or new vehicles or things of that nature, but have learned to live with less and work to make more. We decided that it's not good to live in debt just to satisfy the desires of the flesh for the moment. We don't have cable t.v. (not any for the matter), we don't eat out, we don't eat processed foods which means I cook alot of homemade foods and we don't buy the latest things of any nature (except the freshest foods). It's not difficult, it's not harder, it's actually easier to be at home and not take a zillion trips to the store. Essentially, we have learned to be content with what we have. It wasn't until we were content that the Lord provided many ways, opened many doors and has made our marriage sweeter as opposed to those who say that working on a house may cause problems!

So, we just came in from outside: It was pleasantly warm and very sunny!! The children helped with getting the burn pile ready and adding to it as we had a bonfire, mainly to get rid of scrap wood and old papers. It was warm by the fire and easy to stay out. We came in to the wonderful smell of fresh baked bread & devoured one of the two loaves. I might, Lord willing, make a full batch of bread tomorrow (4 loaves).
I feel refreshed and the children look so also. They ran the length of the yard (1/2 acre) several times keeping up with daddy getting more fuel for the fire. I'm am looking forward to the babies sleeping through the night!

okie, second post for the second day could get too tiring, so I guess I'll go and finish straightening the kitchen in preparation for tomorrow (like FlyLady recommends), switch the laundry, wash the children, help hubby with grouting the kitchen tile (YEAH!!) and maybe, just maybe I'll be able to knit tonight. I say maybe, 'cause if my brain is not functioning anymore or my fingers, then I must go to bed! I've fallen asleep in between stitches just trying to finish a row!!

Ok, really going now. Hope you alls enjoy the picture, please feel free to suggest anything (after I post 'em) I try for the best angle. K, later all.


Hippie Housewife said...

Less is definitely more! I've really been enjoying our life more since we've started simplifying. We've never had TV (which makes me very happy) or been big spenders, but I was a terrible pack rat so it's been good to let some things go in that regard.

~Tonia~ said...

There is nothing wrong with living with less. If you are all happy with it then that is the way that you should live. I so need to go through a bunch of stuff that is just cluttering our home. I know it would help my mood knowing that it is no longer taking up space and in the way.

chriscgirl said...

You answered the very question I had after reading your last blog! Great to hear about the house and how things are going. Hope you don't mind me asking... Why do you have two kitchens? Anyway, puleeez keep the pictures coming cause it's so fun to SEE!!
It sounds like you had a great time outside...good old fashioned wood gathering work for the little ones and a bond fire sounds lovely.
Blessings to you and all yours.:)

Rina said...

Wow, five bedrooms and four bathrooms and two kitchens? Are you sure you want to move?!

BellaMama said...

5 bed, 3 bath. Yes, we're moving as we see the Lord direct us to Arizona. We look forward to the warmth and sunshine!! It really is a lovely house, if it were possible, we'd take it with us!