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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In

Ok, still weigh the same as last week: 140 (which I am very thankful for-it had fluctuated up 4 lbs during the week!) but my measurements went down overall 2.75" the biggest loss of 2.5" in my abs! I didn't work out on Saturday or Sunday, so I have a 5 day work week. (Somebody needs to make the meals and do the laundry and change the diapers, ect. ad nausea)

I had the hardest time working out-it hurt and I really wanted to quit! With the constant posts at the "sisterhood" site and knowing ALL the "sisters" out there working hard, encourages me everyday to keep going!! (I really couldn't let them all lose their weight while I just give myself too many free days!) My jeans fit better in the waist, but are a bit snug in the thighs and calf-these jeans had already gone into the "too big" pile 4 months ago!! I'm going to keep it up and lose big in this challenge!! Next month will come too soon and I'll look back and know it was worth it!!

"No Pain, No Gain!"

I always feel like I could workout more, even after I'm done! I feel GREAT!! It's worth it so far!!

I've added the "Hoedown" and "Awesome Legs" to the 2-3 approx. 10 min workouts with Gilad. (This link has the same videos, but I can't find the site I have bookmarked on my comp.) Still walking when it's nice enough out-which is once or twice per week. I need to go get dinner started and then head outside-it's finally super sunny and warm 53 degrees (though the cold country wind makes me need to wear a coat-it's perfect on the deck where the wind is blocked by the house) *mental note: need to open the windows and air the house!
See ya next week, more inch loss and more likely some weight loss (unless I decide to start lifting weights!)

ETA: I have the #20 lb button on my sidebar because I've lost 20 lbs since I started really working out last August. (I'm not counting from when I had baby the end of last March-cause that woulda been 50lbs total!!) #5 lbs of it in September, #5 lbs in October and the last #10 lbs the first two weeks of November! Yeah, I was down to 128 all the way until we got back from the wedding. I had to start working out again while we seriously started working on the house & moving from room to room to renovate!! Now things have settled and I know when to help my hubby and can plan around it, so, I can now workout. I gained 14 lbs in the last 2 months of not working out (and weaning the baby). So, that's why I have 20 lbs to lose-having lost 4 last week. So there. pbbbbbbbt.

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