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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here's just another update on what we've been doing.

I'll start with the boring stuff

Workouts and Exercise:

Well, hubby asked if I wanted to work out with him lifting weights...what can I say, "YES!". It's a completely different mentality than working out to lose weight. In fact, I'll be gaining weight , but I will definitely be leaning!! Hubby's done this workout before and had amazing results! We work out twice per week-yes, only twice-all the major muscle groups. You workout to "failure", this in turn makes your body produce the growth hormone hGH, which makes it easier to put on muscle. I've already improved in lifting 50-100% more! We are not changing what we eat (nothing to change there!!) and I'm already seeing benefits in lifting everyday things as well as more energy! I'll let you know how it goes!!

Yesterday I packed ALL of our storage items, having switched seasonal clothes & put away all non-essential items. (I have one closet I couldn't reach to do and I actually packed up almost all of my knitting things-gasp!) Hubby is taking them to a storage unit (we don't have a garage) until we move to make more room for a better house showing. Our house is now on the market to generate interest as hubby finishes the last of the work. We will have private showings. If we apply ourselves, we should have everything done and ready in as little as two weeks with the max. of 4 weeks. Hubby has been working on the back room, put in a closet last night and finished reinforcing the floors under the tiled upstairs kitchen. He has the ceilings and walls to dry wall, then mud. He likes to have several running projects, while he waits on things like the mudding to dry he is able to work on one or two more.

I am so very excited as this ball rolling downhill is increasing in speed!

It was fun to consolidate all the boxes and I had 3 more buckets (rubbermaid type containers) and 6 boxes that were suddenly empty!

I've been called "The Queen of Organizing and Alphabetizing", so naturally, as I excel in one area, my mind is quick to plan the next step in another area (but all comes from God as He gives wisdom and out of His mouth comes understanding!). I've possibly figured out a weekly menu for our family:

Sunday: Meatloaf & Mshd Spuds
(beef meal-since we are finishing the last of our cow)

Monday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Meatloaf and Salad
(leftover day)

Tuesday: Veggies & Noodles with White Sauce &/or Marinara

Wednesday: Lentils and Rice
(this will be once per week)

Thursday:B'fast-Oat Cereal
Dinner-Eggs & Toast (b'fast everyday)

Friday:Creamy Chicken Noodle Veggie Soup
(soup or stew day)

Saturday:Leftovers (also made pumpkin bread)

This has already eased my cooking schedule-though I spent yesterday going full steam for 17 hrs. I got up at 6 this morning (after only 4 hrs of sleep) and finished putting away the bread and straightening the kitchen AND I was able to read the Word-very refreshing-while I watched the pinks and reds in the sky. Yup, it's cloudy & it's supposed to be raining right now, but the high is supposed to be 73 degrees!! A wonderful day, now, if only we could dodge the raindrops and go outside!! I was getting a bit upset because it was raining/going to rain, but then the Lord showed me that He was cleaning the air for us! Yesterday, the neighbors decided to burn (at least this time it wasn't trash) and the wind blew most of the smoke right into our house. So, today, the Lord blesses us with rain to clean the air & we are able to open our windows again...umm, right after I find the screens.


#1 & #2 will be finishing the Math 2 by the end of the 'school year'. (It only took them 3 months to finish the second book) I need to get Math 3 (or maybe reassess to see if they could skip a grade with a bit of added effort on my part). I need to think of what Math to do for #3. I'll look into the Math 1 and see how it is. I need to get a workbook for writing for him & start that as well. I'll probably couple #3 & #4 in a grade, since she is right there with him. Then #5 always does everything with #4 and will want to join her....hmmmm, incorporating 3 beginning students is a new challenge for me. That would increase my classroom size-I'd have 5 children at the table. I had the younger ones for less time and different types of lessons-more verbal-than the older two. By the way...we year-round school. Learning doesn't stop, neither have we.

Knitting: (more boring stuff)

I finished my vest 2 weeks ago. I really like it...just the right warm without getting in the way while I work! I finished almost one sock, but I won't be wearing wool socks until next January-ish. My shawl I also packed, it will be quick to finish-when I have the umption! I am already thinking of things to sew. I would love to make the girls matching sundresses for Sundays and 1 or 2 matching dresses for everyday. We'll see, the little girls already have a number of summer dresses, so maybe I'll just be sewing for #1-unless G'ma T is willing to get out a few of the "heirloom" dresses. I remember a sleeveless lavendar dress and maybe one or two more. I haveta remember when we stop by on our WAY TO ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, I'm calm. I'll go, since this is getting a bit lengthy.

"And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them,

Occupy till I come."

Luke 19:13


bunches of yarn said...

this was fun to read, but...I'm tired now...almost to "failure", given the time of day. (ha, ha!)

Godspeed in your packing and organizing. ^__^

runningtothecross said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement and blessings you sent my way yesterday. It was much needed as I am beginning to feel quite overwhelmed. But I sat down last evening and finished my Organization List for my home. I may post the rest sometime in the future.

I really like my menu plan, too as it has really helped in the kitchen. I have been baking all of my bread, as well. I made about 8 loaves of bread and 2 pans of rolls at the beginning of the week, which is beginning to need replenishing...LOL!! My children love bread, needless to say!

I remember all the packing we did for our move, I still wasn't ready the day of the move but somehow we managed. We went back the next week and cleaned up until everything was finished. (I know you won't be able to do that, but I can remember those days as well as we moved here...out east...from Missouri).

I will keep you in my prayers as you continue to pack and get ready for you big ***exciting*** move. I would love to live in Arizona, myself. Spend 8 weeks in New Mexico on summer when I was in college... loved the weather.

Again, thanks for your support and encouragement!