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Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Blog!

This is the second year I've blogged! I can't say that time flew in this instance!

Today was really windy, but much warmer (around 50 degrees). We went outside for 40 mins. I was able to walk around the yard 12 times & I paid attention to keep a fast pace & even ran a bit-that was a great feeling, sorta like coasting downhill on a bike!! I have a workout tonight also to do & look forward to a really great week!

It was wonderful to be out in the sun-my whole attitude is more of a calm, collected mama after the exercise in the sunshine! I just wonder how fulfilling it will be to have so much more sun & so many more months to be outside in Arizona!!

Today we also got up earlier & I feel so wonderful for all that I accomplished today before the children went to bed!! I straightened some books & then the children "found" them again--I thanked God we don't have television; they were reading to each other, and not only that-they were TEACHING each other how to read!! (#1 with #3) It's so cute when the baby girls (3 & 2) play with each other, the elder teaching the younger with much praise, "You did it! YEAH!!"

Just finished helping hubby hang more dry wall. He's working on the stairwell with its partition wall. He's prepping it now to mud-which I may be able to help on this side of the stairs! :)

That's all for now. Ciao.

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Brooke said...

happy 2nd bloggiversary!! :)