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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Induction Cookers & Yogurt Making

Thought I'd show you'alls my induction cookers. They are wonderful, especially when your stove goes out and you still have electricity! They are also great in summer when you don't want added heat in your house! This is the white one, it has a lip at the edge of the plate, the black one doesn't. They're very easy to use, the children are starting to learn. Since our stove is fixed, but so old and inefficient, that I am using the induction cookers for everything that would be stove top. I still make bread in the oven and things like meatloaf, but that's all.

The principle is on magnetism therefore, if a magnet doesn't stick to your pan, you won't be able to use it, the cooker will automatically shut off. Also, if you take your pan off the plate, the connection is broken and it will beep a few times and then shut off. I love this for teaching the children to cook, the plate does not get hot except for the retained heat from the pan. The concept is brilliant!!

Right now I'm making yogurt-thought I'd take pictures to show you!

This is the black one, I must use for this huge pan (no lip on the plate). So, by tonight sometime, we will have 2 gallons of yogurt! (and meatloaf I made last night.)

That's all that's going on here besides the children have moved to doing 2 Math lessons per day-they are absolutely excelling!! :) We will finish the first work book in no time and move to the second. We need to start Multiplication and Division now that they are good at Addition and Subtraction. Then Algebra is next, Geometry will be interspersed so that Trigonometry will flow easily as well!! I will be checking their placement and skip a few books, since in elementary the main processes are learned and then repeated until the upper grades. Their reading is doing quite well and I hope to get out these books I got from Rod & Staff:

Thrilling Escapes by Night
The Man in Bearskin
Evangelist in Chains

I have more, and I think these are great true stories and truly real life based. I think I'll be selling my Laura Ingalls books...I'd not read them before now and found that I don't want to know the inner thoughts of Laura or the disobedient things that Almonzo did. Don't children have enough bad examples that we would have to introduce more?! We want them to emmulate Christ-like characters and will be looking for more whether taken from scripture or biographies.

Well, that's all for now. Need to go get another meal/snack out! Have a blessings of a day!


bunches of yarn said...

Cool gadget! It must retain the temp setting, right? How long does the yogurt take to 'yog'
Having two must be time saving with a lot of cooking. I haven't made more yogurt yet, since I burnt the last batch, I keep eating my starter. LOL ^__^

Rina said...

Wow, those would be great for me to teach my girls how to cook (or to teach them how to warm up the baby's milk!) ;)
I'm curious, do you have instructions for making yoghurt anywhere on your blog? If not... would you be willing to post about that??? I'd love to know how to make it!

BellaMama said...

It does retain the temperature settings, but kicks off after 2 hrs (safety feature).
This batch of yogurt from the time I put the milk jars in the water took 6 hrs, but it took a long time to heat the water. I also add warm water to help get the temperature up. It didn't separate and is thick and tart.
I DO NOT heat my milk to scald since I use raw milk & want to retain it's nutrients. I heat it from cold and when it's done put it in the refrigerator. Heating the milk to scalding is to kill any harmful bacteria that would possibly interfere with the yogurt bacteria doing it's thing. If you have healthy milk that you drink raw anyway, I don't think it's going to have harmful bacteria. Try it raw next time and just heat it to 108-112 in glass jars put in water in a pan. It's worth a try!
*I do check the temp of the water as well as the yogurt. I try to keep the water no higher than 115.
Hope you try it and see the easy peasy results!:)

BellaMama said...

The original post is listed in the sidebar under Homemade Yogurt and the previous comment has a tiny bit more info.

I am trying to think of easy things for my daughter to start cooking, but since I have my perfected b'fast of toast with eggs for 7 people, I'm going to wait awhile. I'd like to be able to put it more on her level, maybe even the kitchen table.

Let us know if you try making yogurt!! It's sooo easy! :)

Tabby said...

I've made yogurt once, but we're still addicted to sugar here, and no one really liked it, even with lots of honey/b.sugar and/or fruit added. Anyone have a remedy for that? lol Never thought about the Little House books that way, but you're right--I was kinda shocked when we read them aloud and came across some of Laura's naughtiness/bad attitude, etc.

BellaMama said...

I've found that quite a bit of vanilla extract in the yogurt helps to give it that "Je ne sais quoi"!

Getting off sugar is a slow process especially if you've had it all your life. It took me a very long time to be used to plain store yogurt and then to the raw milk yogurt we make. Using it in "berry drinks" or yogurt smoothies could help to make the transition. Pineapple and bananas are great sweeteners for it.

Hope this helps!

Cara said...

I'm going to have to look into that induction cooker! My dad (a retired 8th grade science teacher) would be all over it :) Saw you on Ravelry