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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today I made a mouth-watering Roast with Mashed Spuds!! Crockpot meals are so easy and yummy. Thaw roast, put olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh garlic cloves (sliced in half if big), and then the roast on top, dash a bit more salt and pepper on the roast. Add some water depending how much broth you want to be left over after you've served the gravy with the meal. Cook on high for about 4 hrs & enjoy the aromas that waft through your house! How easy!! Boil 5 lbs potatoes for 20 mins with salted water, drain (& keep for another stew, potatoe bread, ect.) and put in a mixer (Bosch is THE best!) add 1 stick of butter, salt, white pepper and 1 cup of milk and mix til the right consistency. Serve before everyone comes, or it will be gone and they'll be asking for seconds before you're done serving!! :) Don't forget to make a volcano with the gravy in the potatoes-that's what we called it when my mommy did this for us!

To answer this question: For your cinnamon rolls, do you just use honey instead of white sugar? Would brown sugar be OK?

We don't use brown sugar, but we do eat lots of molasses! (full of b vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium!!) Brown sugar (I'm sure you know) is only sugar that a small amount of the molasses has been added back to it. I only put a minimum of honey in the dough so it slightly sweetens it, but won't burn. I add a mix of butter, honey and vanilla (maybe cream -whipped or not if we have it on hand) and pour or brush it on after the rolls are out of the oven.

Oh, I forgot...I put a teaspoon each of ground cinnamon and ground ginger in 2 cups of honey and use part of this for the icing.

And I've had to figure how much bread we eat each week and which were the best days to bake it. For me it's Tuesdays and Fridays, then there is no bread making on the weekend and I still have the day after if I get behind on things! This was the only way I could keep up!

Nothing else here. Amazingly enough, the snow has melted and it was such a bright sun shiny day!! :)

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:D hello, stranger! looks like all is well. we are praying for you as always:)
the lawrencians