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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Working Mama

Ah- HAH!! I got your attention!! hehe, I'm just talking about all the work I've done!!

Today was a busy day, finished up school with Math drills (flashcards with Daddy) and the Math Lessons which took a while to do-TGIF! I was in a brain-fog and am drinking my water right now!! As I am getting sick of being online (but love to get email and comments) I'm working on limiting my time. That is usually best done if I just leave the computer off!! I made a batch of bread and actually had a wonderful Potatoe Soup ready at the same time!! Amazingly, we didn't get the snow, but it's still COLD-hence the cooking! :)

So, finished the dishes (while cooking) and was working on the laundry since this morning. Feeling a bit discouraged about the laundry (which is unlike me-I really enjoy it, nothing to think about and it gets done!), and happened on A Wise Woman Builds Her House in an older post where she talks about doing laundry. I was encouraged and thrilled that she does her laundry almost exactly how I've always wanted to do mine!! You'll haveta go see.

Anyway, gotta go. I need to switch the laundry and do a quick pickup and ready for bed. Ciao.

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Jules said...

Well I find that laundry takes up so much time. I've made things easier by having several linen bags for people to sort their clothes into when they remove them but inevitably a white shirt always ends up in the coloureds and I don't find it until I've done all the whites.

When everything's washed it has to be hung out on the line. Hopefully it dries because if it doesn't, it then has to be brought inside and hung up. Once dry, it has to be folded, ironed (ha, doesn't get done regularly although I'm working on it), sorted into piles, and then put away.

Oh, and we have to do the laundry at work too. For all five centres. At least there everything just goes straight from the washing machine to the drier, although we do have to fold it all. No wonder I get tired of laundry!