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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3rd Day of Clothes

Wow, I hope I'm not leaving you wondering what comes next!! LOL! Here's what I wore for my anniversary. We didn't go anywhere or exchange gifts. This was the best anniversary because I changed my attitude & knew it would be a great day!! I still did the laundry, dishes, cooking, child raising (& blogging) that I do everyday, but having a happy heart made all the difference in the world!!
This a denim shirt with a fair isle knitted, 100% cotton skirt that my mom bought at a garage sale years ago!! My brothers called it the "N.ational Ge.og.raphic Skirt". (Not as bad as when I had a floral skirt in rusts and dark yellows & they called it my "Pizza Sauce Skirt"!!) Yup, I've had this skirt for approx. 15 years. The picture makes both peices look worn and faded, but they are VERY bright, must be the flash.
I'm starting to be tired of blogging every day!! It doesn't take long, but to fill in information is tedious!! Ok, need to distribute water & then head outside. It's much cooler today, with high around 85F for the next week!! We might actually be done with that hot weather.
Ciao for now!

1 comment:

Johannah Stanford said...

That's fun to see the pictures of your outfits each day. I can imagine perfectly you wearing the outfit you chose for your anniversary. Beautiful! Have a happy second day of your anniversary!