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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Day, Another Outfit

Yesterday was 96F degrees with a heat index of 104F. You could swim as you walked outside, but the breeze was wonderful! After the storm passed through it was soooo chilly it felt great to breath the cool air!! There were a few tornados about 45 mins away, but no sirens or anything here. I now know that green sky color!! (it wasn't that dark here, but that green just lighter) The electricity blipped off for a min and there was a great rushing wind with lots of rain that blew across the yard.

Here's what I wore yesterday.

A cotton polo shirt from Old.Navy, the couture skirt is my original design (a rectangle with an elastic waist, hehe!), and very comfortable leather sandals.

I guess I wanted to make the point that you don't have to wear a dress only. And no one looks frumpy or overweight in skirts. I still have a good 25lbs to lose to get to my "skinny" weight, 15lbs to be my "mommy" weight. I am working on building lots of muscle since I didn't exercise this last pregnancy and have quite a bit more lightweight-space-filling-flub! Since May I've lost 10lbs and over 13". All I've done is the 15 min T-Tapp workout. I so very much would like to be like this homeschooling mom of 12!!

AND...I received this in the mail today!! Ok, now I'm busy with all this and more, need to finish the last of the laundry and go get lunch, Ciao for now!


Shannon The Kombucha Lady said...

That looks like just the sort of thing I usually wear- I love khaki and denim skirts, and I have that same pair of shoes!
That ttap workout intrigues me- I'll have to investigate further...

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
You looked very nice yesterday...I just have to fill in the details!

Hope you had a blesing filled day-o-versary!

Love from cjc in Kansas