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Monday, August 4, 2008

A Week of Clothes

I won't say that I wear solely dresses and skirts, 'cause I don't. I would love to, but that's not me right now. I am gonna pretend you are coming for a visit and I'll show you what I "look" like. Sorry, no real pics of me. So, since this is something so very nonessential, I will share! (Even my husband says, "It's not a fashion show.") I did dress up like I used to yesterday & I felt better all day. These will be the previous day's clothes, so I can be honest. They will be wrinkled and stinky, but this is not smell-o-blog! LOL!!

This is a 3/4 sleeved cotton blouse from Old.Navy, a worsted wool skirt in the Glen Plaid from e.bay, the black leather shoes were my gramma's - my sole (hehe) dress shoes, and my hair accessorized with my absolutely favorite silk scarf from my sis-in-law #1. I wore hose too, as any 1940's wife would do!

Ok, now on to my real life:

Monday - Friday: Laundry (Mon&Tues), Dishes (AM away & load/PM wash), Meals (much easier in summer, more cool meals, less oven baked), Vacuum/Cleaning, Schooling in Morning after breakfast, Outside Time/Kiddie Pool or Digging in Garden-the children for play, not often me!

Saturday: Last of any laundry, a big meal for leftovers on Sunday, Vacuum, Dishes...just about everything.

Sunday: Take care of family, rest, relax, refresh, read God's Word & KNIT!

Evenings: I finish what was put off or undone during the day, computer time, listening to Thurman Scrivner & knitting.

Here is my diaper table. Bummis Super Snap covers to the far left, then size 1 Kissaluvs, size 0 Kissaluvs, then European Trifold Toddler diapers. I use washcloths with water for wipes and if the babies get a rash, I use D.esitin Creamy. When I used A&D O.intment the diapers smelled fishy when clean!

Ok, now it's outside time/eating...need to go. Have a great week with many blessings from God!!

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