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Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Does BUSY Mean To You?

This is the Ellis Family. I found it online. No relation. I just thought for an old picture, they have approximately the age distance, same birth order and number of children. Just for fun!

I've been busy. I've been over here knitting! There's the knitting, schooling, cleaning, cooking, rearing, feeding, obeying, disciplining, exercising, eating/drinking and all other everyday things I may have forgotten!
I was just digging through my boxes of books & I have so many language books!! We'll be starting with 3 easy languages: Spanish, German and Sign Language. The other languages I have are: Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Arabic, Japanese, Russian and Short Hand. We could learn a language per year!!

I also found my music books. I'll start with Music Education in the Elementary School 1944-I have another 1/2 dozen music books. I have a bag of rhythm things as well as a recorder since #1 wanted to learn to play the flute. We've already used the McGuffey First Eclectic Reader and we'll review that and move up to the Second Eclectic Reader and I need to incorporate the Handwriting for each lesson! I'm still looking for my English Grammar book, I'll find it soon-I know where it is!

Now I'm waiting on:
Social Sciences- Rod & Staff Grade 2
Math - Saxon Math 2 (did get Saxon Math K, 1, & 3 so I'll have some foundational work for the babies (1, 2.5 &4) and then seeing how well the older two go through Math 2, I have 3 ready'n'waiting :NO, not new>eb.ay used!)
This will be for the 2 oldest and I'll be starting all 5 children in a learning schedule!! I'll let the 4 month old (yup, he's that big already) wait a little bit before catching up with his siblings.
Just like cloth diapers, I won't have much to buy for each child that goes through this curriculum!!!

I, like every mother out there that spends time & teaches her children, know where my children are academically. I can see where I haven't pushed them AT ALL and they catch on to concepts and ideas well. So, when I teach them, they'll be learning more efficiently and if I ever push them (encourage them to do more) they will excel! Last year was our "practice" year & we did the minimum and they advanced tremendously. This year is our "real" year for our oldest as far as scheduling, record keeping and subjects; but-you know, I just realized that we homeschool from birth. Subject closed.

**If you haven't figured out by now, I was homeschooled. Only 9th thru 12th and then I continued with a few subjects for several years after. I loved it so much more than any other schooling I ever had!! (I've been to Public, Catholic, Private Christian and Homeschool) I helped my parents along with my two younger brothers to set up several state homeschool conferences, then went on to teach a few violin students and played in 4 local orchestras. (My Lord Jesus gets credit for that talent, I just used it) I worked for almost two years in a violin shop before I was married and started another country!! (see above picture)
Did I mention that I fell in love with the violin after seeing the movie,
I started playing at age 14 and still play for my children.

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HappyGoMommy! said...

Your blog is beautiful. Nice to 'meet' you! :)

Jules said...

"I just realized that we homeschool from birth. Subject closed."

I hope you don't mind me opening the subject. I'm an early childhood teacher and I agree with you one hundred percent! I believe that parents are a child's first teachers and wish more parents understood that (can you see that I have a personal/professional dilemma going on here?).

It sounds as if you're going to be pretty busy with everything you have on. But it also sounds as if you're going to find it extremely rewarding.

amada said...

I came because of your name, I had considered it for a name of my blog at one time! :)

I love this memoir thing, and look forward to getting to know new people.

I love the art you have up, very nice. I'll be back again sometime.

If you're interested, I'd like to invite you to my blog-warming party, I'm going to do a drawing for a homeschool magazine subscription! Come and have a look when you get a chance!

Trujillo, Peru